Network anchor self secret gold medal is not easy to face high degree of acceptance-bleep

Network self revelation: to anchor into gold is not easy to accept a high degree of cosmetic now has a network anchor from the Chaoyang industry into a piece of the Red Sea, its industrialization at the same time, behind the scenes are also in the move towards specialization. The platform is not only competing packaging network artists, all kinds of business opportunities are also followed. However, even if the "live to eat thousand", "anchor price transfer fee, they throw millions nouveau riche" gifts "myth still talked about, but now the network anchor can not sell a song in front of the camera, will be able to make money so adorable. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter interviewed a number of network anchor, the original network is currently in the high-speed growth, intense competition stage, want to become a gold anchor, along the way will face a variety of challenges. Pepper night awards ceremony held in Beijing, the scene of the 300 anchors with the box appeared. The reporter learned from the scene, the amount of fans of the 300 anchor coverage of more than 30 million people, a total of more than 1 billion 100 million pepper coins, that is to say, their price has reached 110 million yuan, per capita income of 360 thousand yuan. Red net will become a cosmetic face? "And attend the activities is a truth" a few days ago, has about 200000 fans a fame said was beaten, in the fans continue to sympathy, but all sorts of flayer, pirates, scams, affray, a time to let the hard set up cute funny money image apart. In fact, red net is Pirates cheat, flayer cosmetic or light dead these things now is not. In the end, it is vanity is too strong, and he is not two rich generation and no true skill and genuine knowledge to attract fans, had to use various means to bo. It is no wonder that we are talking about a network of red, there will be such a feeling: cosmetic, hype, PS. Especially with the rise of the live craze of the stars, red net have come out from the photos and screen, from the map software, they all disappeared in front of the camera. Some people even dubbed the "live test value Yan magic mirror, is really the goddess or see the light of death, a broadcast yen value Tatemi compete." Won the "best talent seiyuu anchor Award" in the "small syndrome syndrome", is a singing for the live content network anchor. The 14 day of the night of pepper on the red carpet, "sound small drafts" won the audience face both sides of the red carpet was natural, a whispered not the whole ". As for the future will not be micro surgery, the agent "Wang Si garlic" bluntly told the WCC reporter, on the red carpet outside: "if after the broadcast of the development, and asked the fans constantly, I think if you are an occupation anchor, you should go to do such things. Cosmetic surgery is nothing, you are a public figure, you have to face so many people, and we come out to attend the awards ceremony is a good reason for all of us is a kind of respect." Another has 120 thousand fans, known to DJ network anchor "Mixi" for cosmetic, also feel there is nothing wrong with trimming ". Everyone wants to look better, this can be, we also accept, want to become pretty normal. Have a high value of Yan "Mixi" also revealed that he had played a needle thin face, ""相关的主题文章: