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Beauty When you are searching the Internet for natural skin care products, you will notice that there are tons of sites that offer a variety of options to choose from. Below you find an assortment of websites, as well as natural skin care product descriptions that are offered through the individual companies. Devita Natural Skin Care Systems Upon visiting, you will encounter the website of the Devita Natural Skin Care Systems, which offers a line of all-natural products containing aloe vera, as well as a mixture of rare essential oils. The products are geared towards all skin types and claim to decrease the signs of aging that are caused by the natural process of aging, as well as environmental factors. The company taps into the rich resource of oils that are thought to possess a healing power that soothes the spirit, mind and body. Some of the ingredients that the company uses in their natural skin care products include rose, sage, chamomile, avocado, as well as frankincense. Natural skin care products from Devita deliver pure essential oils, amino acids and whole herb extracts which have been scientifically deemed beneficial for achieving healthy skin. A few natural skin care products to consider include the Devita Cool Cucumber Toner, which aids in the decrease in pore size, as well as possesses skin-lifting capabilities, providing a certain renewal of the skin. Devitas Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser is available for $18.95 and is a gentle foaming cleanser with conditioning agents for the face. This product can be used to tighten pores and rejuvenate the skin. Some natural skin care products have used copper for its collagen and elastin properties. The company offers a sun damage repair serum that contains a copper peptide, which claims to reverse the damage caused by the sun. This item is available for the price of $34.95. Emu Oil Who would have thought that a large bird could produce oil that is both anti-bacterial, as well as anti-inflammatory? The emu, which is close in relation to the ostrich, is native to Australia and produces oil that has been used in natural skin care products to treat many skin conditions. An example of these products can be found by visiting the website: The emu oil has been shown to help heal burns; heal wounds; relieve eczema and acne, as well as fade stretch marks. Products that can be found on the website include an Evening Primrose Cream, as well as Skin Therapy Cream; both containing emu oil as an ingredient. All-Natural Cosmetics Natural skin care products can also be found by visiting .alphaskincare.., which offers a variety of all-natural cosmetics consisting of minerals and other all-natural ingredients. Not only can you purchase facial toners, cleansers, masques, serums, body powders and body balm, you can consider some of the natural aromatherapy skin care products that they offer. When considering an all-natural handmade soap from this shop, you can choose from an array of products including Oatmeal and Honey, Lavender Oatmeal, Lemongrass and Orange Clove. Blue Dragon Beauty Blue Dragon Beauty provides customers with a long list of handmade soaps, body balms, as well as other natural skin care products. The ingredients of some of these products include essential oils, beeswax, spices, as well as fruit and nut butters. The .pany produces an unscented soap containing castor oil, coconut, palm kernel and olive. It is called Bare. The .panys DesertBreeze soap includes such ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, mint, wintergreen and eucalyptus, creating an inviting, spicy scent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: