National government website size test report issued a qualified rate of 88%- Sohu news-adobe gamma

The national government website "the size of test report card released the qualified rate of 88%- Sohu news recently, the general office of the State Council and government information open office organized the 2016 third national government website released a day before sampling, informed of the situation. The random sampling of various regions and departments of the State Council Government Website 867, qualified sampling rate of 88%, 3 percentage points higher than the second quarter, 6.5 percentage points higher than the first quarter; all regions and departments for the first time to submit checks under the jurisdiction of 7788 sites, the overall pass rate of 89%. Double checks, greater supervision. In addition, 78% of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have been incorporated into the government website management performance assessment or special assessment. Double check the size of the test anti four no problem re sampling checks show that the government does not update the site, inaccurate, not reply, not practical, the four no problem has been basically curbed. Department of State Council (including internal, vertical management institutions) government website checks pass rate of 98%, the number of government websites in various regions pass rate of 86%. Only a very few government website four no problem is prominent, such as the National Bureau of traditional Chinese medicine website home page can not be used columns, Kaifeng City, Henan people’s air defense office network and other sites after rectification is still not up to standard. Along with the national government website to check the work of the government website as the line "service station", "information publishing platform", "public opinion" stabilizer ", people talk about the advantages of gradually clear room". Login "Chinese Shanghai" portal, is the first to see the online government hall, the "Hall" fusion "something in the post regulation" open data "and" 12345 line "public service functions, 796 municipal departments approval has been 100 percent complete access to work; in Guangdong province government portal, see a number of prominent service columns in the lower left corner of the page," on the disclosure system of the first half of 2013 to the first half of this year for more than 15.6 pieces of processing…… If the previous "touch family property" and "random test" to "four", then the three quarter checks focuses on the establishment of normal supervision mechanism, to prevent "rebound four" problem. In addition to Heilongjiang Province, all localities and departments to submit the first checks in the region, the Department of government website, total examination site 7788, accounting for 15% of the operation of the government website, the overall pass rate of 89%. Double checks of two channels, so that the results of the inspection more authoritative. In addition, at or above the county level departments of local government portal website and government websites the important information, and added "I was wrong government website" important content of supervision and reporting platform is the current round of special inspections. Through the establishment of the State Council, an important policy information column, an important policy information related to the vital interests of the people will be sent to the people through the first time at all levels of government websites. The third quarter, the Internet users through the platform to reflect the issue of government websites, the website of the competent units of the reply rate of 100%. According to reports, monitoring and reporting platform has become an important channel for Internet users to participate in the construction of government websites.相关的主题文章: