Nanchong female driver driving a luxury car illegally parked the bus station at police detained 5

Nanchong female driver driving a luxury car illegally parked the bus station at Sichuan police detained 5 days online news (reporter Liu Shuyi Wu Li) recently, a video in Nanchong (micro-blog) local popular forum: a woman on the photo evidence of abuse, police discontent, the woman in the video driving vehicles for the Nanchong plate. November 19th, the reporter learned from the Gaoping District Public Security Bureau, after investigation and verification, the driver has been sentenced to administrative detention. The investigation, November 17th in the afternoon at 5:13 PM, Party Jiangmou driving a white Audi car, the car parked in the Crane Street Gaoping district at the bus station, which caused a traffic jam. Here is where the maintenance of traffic order two traffic police brigade police on duty found, immediately correct, please inform the parties to immediately leave the parking place. Party Jiang refused to obey the traffic police command, but also exports abuse police on duty. Two traffic police brigade according to the traffic regulations on Jiang Luantingluanfang fined 50 yuan, do not obey the traffic police command fined 100 yuan. November 18th, the Gaoping District Public Security Bureau police station in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the administrative detention of 5 days to Jiangmou punishment. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading of drinking abusive police shot Chef: do you eat a few meals ah hit you相关的主题文章: