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"My war": Liu Ye Pang blown also do not substitute "my war" Liu Ye Jing Yawen Sina entertainment news about the Korean war movie "my war" will be released in September 15th, the director of the movie is a thriller starring Pang [micro-blog]. Hongkong director to shoot the main melody movie? When the news was released, it caused no small controversy. In August 31st, "my war" expert seminar held in Beijing, many experts and scholars on the collective will see the film, Pang satisfied with the performance, that his piece had dispelled the audience’s concerns, and expert evaluation to carry forward the Hongkong director Pang attention to the details of the traditional love scene, especially good. Director of the day Peng Shun also accepted the media group visit, sharing the story of the movie he was high hopes behind the scenes. Peng Shun admitted that he was also surprised at the beginning of the reason why it was chosen to guide my war, and finally found that the film side is to be the director of Hongkong commercial shooting techniques, do not want to repeat the theme of the past. So he took a quick shot and a lot of real blasting drama, hoping to have a sense of tension without urine point. Pang also praised Liu Ye [micro-blog], Tony Yang and other actors in the play do not substitute blasting. Why did the director of Hongkong come to the mainland war drama? To be commercial, not too main melody! Fast paced shooting so that the audience did not have time to go to the bathroom Sina entertainment: the first time to shoot this pattern of war theme, the greatest difficulty and challenge? Peng Shun: in fact, the pressure is a war movie, would actually look for me to shoot? When I started in the meeting, the first question is asked in the domestic leader, why have so many good director, this time looking for Peng Shunlai to make a war movie? They told me that is the theme of the main theme of my way, with my point of view, to re tell a story, to make a war movie. I don’t have any pressure to hear them say that. I was most worried about the fact that they were filming the main theme, and now it’s good, the whole preparation and filming, they respect my point of view. When I shot will immediately cut, each cut some fragments to film, I said the shooting style is like this, you can accept. Then every time they are very happy, also feel very special, so I have no pressure. Read the piece, can feel I can successfully put such a theme, a pretty interesting touching movie. Sina entertainment: directed mainland films, whether there will be cultural, historical adaptation? How to solve this problem? Peng Shun: I’m from Hongkong, China. I don’t know much about the Korean War in the mainland. This I am also very clear, so the preparation of a lot of information, pictures and documentaries, but also with experts to meet, so it seems that there is no big problem. The film, in the film company to my request is, don’t put the main melody of things too seriously, to become the main melody of the war theme commercial. Sina entertainment: so how specific to become business? Peng Shun: in simple terms, the most important element of a commercial film is good-looking, fast rhythm相关的主题文章: