Multinational determination of North Korea due to the explosion caused by the earthquake – Sohu news-sugus

Many Korean earthquake due to the explosion caused by the Sohu news agency Seoul 9 September Xinhua (reporter Wu Xu) on the morning of 9 multinational monitoring to the north "earthquake", the focal depth of 0 km, the analysis of the preliminary determination "earthquake" due to the explosion caused. China seismic network officially measured, Beijing time on September 9th at 8:30 in the North (41.40 degrees north latitude and 129.10 degrees east longitude) 5 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 0 km. According to the Korea meteorological department determined, South Korea time on September 9th at 9:30 pm, North Korea occurred 5 earthquake, the epicenter in the near North Hamgyong Jizhou, fenxi. From the waveform and amplitude of seismic wave, the earthquake occurred on the same day. South Korea is to analyze whether the seismic wave caused by nuclear tests. According to Yonhap news agency, 9, who is visiting Laos, South Korean President Park Geun hye instructed South Korean Prime Minister Huang an act held an emergency National Security Council (NSC), to discuss the North Korean nuclear test signs and South Korea measures. Up to now, North Korea has not yet published earthquake related news. Author: Wu Xu相关的主题文章: