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Motion camera is not stable enough? Zero infohold push 3199 yuan minimum PTZ camera – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | April September 22nd message, zero intelligence control (Beijing) today launched ROLLCAP Mini PTZ camera, according to CEO Yang Jianjun, this is the company following the Dobby Mini UAV, "second new pocket" family. Implication, there may be a new follow-up Mini series. In addition, Yang Jianjun said, the company has recently completed by Qualcomm venture capital investment 150 million yuan. ROLLCAP uses the integrated design, originally used three axis mechanical augmentation of UAV platform and 13 million HD camera is highly integrated, both steady growth and movement of PTZ camera performance, while providing a waterproof shield body. Market price of 3199 yuan, is expected to be officially listed in October. Active augmentation + pocket size in motion stability, PTZ camera built-in ROLLCAP pocket three axis machine head, with the control algorithm of zero intelligent control precision platform, using active augmentation, the stabilization precision is ± 0.03°. ROLLCAP built-in 13 million pixels of the effective distortion of high-definition camera, the maximum viewing angle (FOV) of 94°, the highest can take pictures of 4K quality or high-definition video stabilization. At the same time, ROLLCAP also offers a variety of shooting modes, such as time-lapse photography, slow motion photography, multiple shooting, HDR, timing, help the photographer to capture creative inspiration. ROLLCAP weight is 219G, and is similar to the common razor to grip easily when the handheld. ROLLCAP has a wealth of accessories, and compatible with all kinds of Sports Camera accessories, to adapt to the ride, car, running and other application scenarios, can help users to liberate their hands, shooting a stable picture in the mobile. ROLLCAP provides a special waterproof case in case of underwater photography can be supported. For the first time, pan camera, waterproof three shooting needs to solve the integration of water. ROLLCAP embedded in a hidden microphone, can be synchronized in the shooting process, the use of high efficiency heat sink for cooling. ROLLCAP built-in 945mAh removable smart battery, capable of recording about 110 minutes 4K HD video; battery support fast charging technology, full of 1 hours. The UAV manufacturers seem to lack a trend to expand to more diverse from aerial shooting needs. Previously, Xinjiang had already launched the Osmo mobile phone platform, the price of 1999 yuan. In contrast, ROLLCAP than ordinary handheld mode can be derived from more practical scenarios, more portable, but the price of three thousand still has a certain threshold.相关的主题文章: