Montreal Chinatown burned Canada’s first cinema – Beijing

Montreal Chinatown burned Canada’s first cinema – China news agency new network in November 17 Toronto Xinhua (reporter Xu Changan) Canada Chinatown in Montreal local time at noon on November 17th burst fire, a history of over 120 years old 4 storey buildings were burned, and the building is Canada’s first cinema. On the morning of 11 pm, Montreal police after receiving the fire immediately dispatched, according to the Montreal fire chief Yvon Daunais, fire, fierce fire, the highest level of fire — fifth belong to the local rare in recent years. 50 fire engines and more than 120 firefighters involved in the fire. After the fire, the office near the Chinatown in Montreal "overseas Chinese newspaper" President Zhang Jian quickly rushed to the scene. As a witness, Zhang Jian, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, 11 am, it was discovered that the building smoke, then the alarm. Within minutes, the fire spread from the two floor. The fire brigade arrived at the scene shortly after receiving the alarm. The crowd was isolated in distance from the fire in the building of a parking lot, but can still feel the fire burning. According to reports, this property is now the owner of the chinese. The reporter contacted the Chus Chinese owners, the reason is also unclear. Police said no one was injured in the fire, but the cause of the fire is under investigation. By afternoon, after three or four hours of fighting, although the fire has been controlled, but half of the destruction of the building. According to the fire brigade, the building is quite dangerous, some floors have been destroyed, firefighters can not enter. About $3 million worth of fire. Chinese took over before and after 2011. According to the Montreal Heritage Department information, this building was built in 1885, put into use in 1896, the first time in the year before and after the 1895 broadcast of the indoor film, the first Canadian cinema. That can accommodate about 300 seats. (end)相关的主题文章: