Mixed and 29 semi annual report of listed companies to draw Yunnan economy barometer dxperience

Mixed and 29 semi annual report of listed companies to draw Yunnan economy "barometer" of sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock Jiepan election Niugu tournament Securities Times reporter Zhang Qianyao earnings of listed companies has been considered the regional economic barometer. As of August 29th, 31 Listed Companies in Yunnan province has been published semi annual report of 29, of which 18 companies to achieve profitability, the loss of 9. From the industry classification point of view, the first half of Yunnan province coal coking enterprises by the larger impact of tourism performance and stability, pharmaceutical companies are still the most profitable, and retail companies appeared comeback. Yunnan Baiyao to continue holding the "Golden King" in Yunnan regional Corporation in the first half performance, better removal group (the company only registered in Yunnan), net profit of the top two pharmaceutical companies are. Among them, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group first half operating income of 2 billion 499 million yuan, an increase of 14%, net profit of 248 million yuan, an increase of 12%; Yunnan Baiyao in the first half net profit of 1 billion 388 million yuan, an increase of 11%, continue to be "Yunnan’s most profitable listed companies". In fact, in 2010 to achieve a breakthrough billion revenue, Yunnan Baiyao performance has been steady growth. According to reports, Yunnan Baiyao in 2014 net profit of 2 billion 506 million yuan, an increase of 8%; 2015 net profit of 2 billion 771 million yuan, an increase of 11%. However, other pharmaceutical companies have not fared well in 2016. Currently away from the illegal operation of the vaccine case in Shandong has been in the past six months, suffered heavy losses in the event of Watson biological remains sluggish performance. Watson biological first half operating income of 293 million yuan, down by 29%, a loss of $162 million, a loss of nearly two times. In May this year, Watson biological subsidiary announcement real Jie biological, "Shandong vaccine case", the board intends to terminate the applicant company stock in listed three new board. Subsidiary delisting, so Watson biological suffered heavy losses. For the first half of this year due to the loss, Watson biological semi annual report also said that the loss is affected by the "Shandong vaccine incident", the national vaccine policy adjustment in the short term, the vaccine industry affected greatly, sales revenue and net profit compared to the same period last year and down. In addition, the company continued to increase investment in R & D, registration and clinical research of new products, resulting in increased management costs, the amount of money to pay interest on the formation of medium-term notes a large amount of money, resulting in a loss during the reporting period. The "counter attack" the coup since this year, the business entity continues to spread in the winter, however bad the internal and external environment, Kunming Baida A to continue in the first half to produce a dazzling transcripts. Semi annual report shows that the first half of the year the company operating income of 1 billion 71 million yuan, an increase of 43%, net profit of 36 million 390 thousand yuan, an increase of 746%, become the strongest domestic listed enterprise growth performance. Such good results, the brand structure is mainly attributed to the continuous adjustment of the new world, the new Kunming Baida southwest shopping center, strengthening marketing mode, promote market efficiency has improved; conclusion相关的主题文章: