Miracle world sun broke the news that the new version of the new changes in advance ca1806

The "miracle of the world SUN" broke the new version in advance about the architectural design of the new 7.6 CGWR score | novice card booking a miracle in the world SUN area real magic 3D game style, retro, "miracle world" to tell you the SUN game player of the game history and brilliant. By the Zetas of the operation of the network the "miracle of the world" and the new version of SUN recently launched, the new version is launched in order to make the "miracle of the world" all SUN game player to feel the new benefits, new challenges, new fun. Today we will talk about the new version of "miracle world SUN". > > click to receive the "miracle of the world SUN" sky city exclusive privilege packs   < < "SUN" broke the new version of the miracle of the world highest level cap increase, one of the key objectives of the new king of liver "miracle world SUN" a new version of the update is the level cap increase by 177 to rise 180. Members of the players are aware of the "miracle of the world SUN" character after each upgrade will get some attribute points reward, and the higher the number of characters, then the total number of attribute points. After the high level of reward is very much, which is why there are always a lot of players is to reach the target level. The highest level cap increase, liver Wang new target welfare function revision, an important reminder of your property security function revision is this update, because we are always able to receive feedback from the game player, which is part of the many internationally in reaction when he will make mistake their in-game property suffered great losses. In order to improve this situation, we have to modify the welfare function of the game, when you are trading game player precious items, there will be a lot of tips, this will help you to reduce the loss of the game player careless. Welfare function revision, property safety reminder to adjust your game details, from the subtle to improve the quality of the game "SUN" wonders of the world in addition to large-scale changes, this update there are small details of quite a few of the adjustment. These small details of the adjustment unless it is the frequent use of game function to find the game player changes, the details of the adjustment is more slowly improving game player game experience, let you reduce the game player more tedious operation, save the wasted time. The game details, from the subtle to improve the quality of the game the "miracle world" SUN new version of the update is more like a spiritual baptism, let "SUN" to enhance the connotation of the wonders of the world, but also give you a game player is also more comfortable. > > click to receive the "miracle of the world SUN" sky city exclusive privilege packs   < < Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: