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Metro Line 13, this line resumed operations – Politics – original title: Metro Line 13, this line resumed operations JINGWAH times after   during the national construction personnel working overtime to repair, as of 16 pm yesterday, the concern of the Beiyuan northbound extension across the Metro Line 13 box culvert project completed. Reporters learned from the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, Metro Line 13 with the opening conditions. From today from the first bus line No. 13 line to resume operations. Yesterday morning, Beiyuan northbound extension across the Metro Line 13 box culvert works smoothly. 8:40 on October 7th, the completion of the project of the subway cold test, that is, the train is not running test. 11:15, the beginning of the hot slip test, the project is expected to be completed in advance 6 hours. During the national day, from Beiyuan northbound extension through the subway line No. 13 of box culvert project, the eastern section of Metro Line 13, 7 standing water bridge to Dongzhimen in October 1st the first bus 7 days until the last bus stop, outage 7 days. In order to meet the public demand for travel, public transportation group in Tiantongyuan, Beiyuan, Huilongguan, Xisanqi, the Wudaokou, Wangjing, and other key areas, the daily arrangement of motor vehicle 30, timely repair and rescue vehicles, ready to ground transportation emergency support work. During the eastern section of No. 13 subway line outage, bus group on-site inspection personnel 132 passengers, timely monitoring and command lines, to ensure the smooth operation of the ground bus lines, the successful completion of the transport tasks. According to the relevant person in charge, Beiyuan northbound extension of the smooth completion of the project will add a contact line for small areas and urban areas, connectivity and Beiyuan Road Lishuiqiao South Binhe Road, East Road, Qinghe Camp Road, north of the city is conducive to the improvement of traffic conditions, especially the eastern Tiantongyuan residents around shortening Tai Ping Zhuang Street, Litang town about 3 kilometers away, further reduction of peak in the morning and Li Tang Road, Lishuiqiao traffic pressure, to ease the garden, small areas of traffic congestion, public convenience has important significance. (reporter Jia Ting) (commissioning editor: Gong (Intern), Ceng Wei tester)相关的主题文章: