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Matchmaker Jiayuan Spring Festival Spring Festival – Sohu cheated weapon defense is a good day for a family reunion, but for those who, in laws turns the "forced marriage is also a headache for people," take off "was forced to put on the agenda. With the development of mobile Internet, online dating has become the first choice for many people. But how to prevent online fraud and online dating essential courses, in this regard, matchmaker Jiayuan dating dating to the Spring Festival single friends and puts forward some suggestions to help prevent fraud, improve the online dating single men and women discrimination. The matchmaker said, online dating to be rational =, appropriately adjust their expectations, if holding unrealistic to network sign, will increase the possibility of deception. For online dating matchmaker, the author gives the following suggestions: 1. The initial contact, do not easily reveal privacy information and contact users early to be careful not to reveal too much of their personal information, such as phone number, address, place of work, the initial contact should first understand each other’s social background, do not rush to yourself home address, phone number, location or any other related personal identity privacy information to each other. Cheaters often don’t have the patience to waste a lot of time on a person. If they don’t disclose their privacy at the beginning, they will probably give up their own initiative. If the information to inform the other side, in their own chat tools received bad information, immediately to the police or find friends website complaints, do not have a fluke mentality. Two. Date personal safety is the most important appointment must choose public date with friends, and told his family or friends, don’t go to unfamiliar, not well-known coffee shops and bars where, before the date to inform their friends or family, dating way at any time to keep in touch with friends and family. Informed of their dynamic. The first time with friends together to do the following: 1. the first date to show their identity cards and politely request to produce their identity cards, said Zhang Jiarui, the ID card is the number one true information that each other ID is the first step to express friendly sincerity, can also give each other a safe and reliable impression. 2. first dates, attention should be paid to read and control the time, stick to their home, Zhang Jiarui said, through the network mail and chat may not know the exact one true background and character, the first date of careful observation and conversation, the establishment of the first impression and correct. Whatever the first impression, remember to go home early and insist on going home. 3. away from the dangerous with the environment, first met a stranger once feeling or had to feel afraid of things, to remain calm, quickly left the scene, or ask others to help, immediately to the police and other methods, online dating dating personal safety is the most important. Three. In the process of communication can not relax vigilance: network dating, even with the other party to determine the relationship, before not fully understand each other, but also to guard against the main, in the process of communication, if any of the following acts, must be vigilant..

世纪佳缘红娘春节支招防被骗-搜狐   春节是一个合家团聚的好日子,但对于单身们来说,七大姑八大姨的轮番“逼婚”也是一件让人头疼的事情,“脱单”被迫提上了日程。   随着移动互联网的发展,网上相亲已经成了很多人“脱单”的首选。但如何防止网上诈骗也是网络相亲必不可少的课程,对此,世纪佳缘红娘给春节相亲交友的单身朋友们提出了几点防诈骗的建议,帮助单身男女们提高网络相亲的辨别能力。红娘表示,网上相亲要理性=,适当地调整自己的期望值,如果抱着不切实际的想法来网络征友,会增大受骗可能性。对于网上相亲,红娘具体给出了以下几点建议:   一.初期联系,请勿轻易泄露隐私信息   和网友初期联系时要注意不要透露太多自己的私人信息,如电话号码、住址、工作地点等,初期联系应该先深入了解对方的社会背景,不要急于将自己的家庭地址、电话号码、工作地点或其他任何与个人身份有关的隐私信息给对方。骗子往往没有耐心在一个人身上浪费很多的时间,如果初期没有将自己的隐私信息透露,骗子很可能就会自己主动放弃。   如果信息告知对方后,在自己的聊天工具中收到不良信息时,要立即报警或找到交友网站投诉,不要心存侥幸心理。   二.约会时人身安全最重要   跟网友约定见面一定要选择公共约会场所,并告知家人或朋友,不要去自己不熟悉的、不知名的咖啡厅、酒吧等地点,约会前告知自己的朋友或家人,在约会途中也要随时和家人朋友保持联系,告知自己的动态。第一次跟网友相亲时要做到以下几点:   1.第一次约会主动出示自己的身份证并礼貌的请求对方出示身份证,张佳芮说,身份证是一个人真实信息的组号证明,彼此出示身份证是表达友好诚意的第一步,也能给对方留下安全可靠的印象。   2.首次约会,要注意察言观色、控制约会的时间、坚持自己回家,张佳芮说,通过网络信件和聊天不可能准确了解一个人真实背景与性格,第一次约会要仔细观察对方言谈举止,建立正确客观的第一印象。不论第一印象如何,要记住早回家,并坚持自己回家。   3.远离危险人物与环境,第一次约见陌生人一旦预感到或发生了让自己感到害怕的事情,要保持冷静,选择快速离开现场,或者请求旁人帮助、立即报警等方法,网上相亲约会个人安全最重要。   三.交往过程中也不可放松警惕:   网络相亲,就算跟对方确定了交往关系,在没完全了解对方之前也要主要防备,交往过程中,如果出现以下任何行为,一定要提高警惕。   1、首次见面或交往时间不长就索取钱财或提出性要求;   2、交往中发现对方所提供个人信息自相矛盾,包括年龄、兴趣、外貌、婚姻状况、职业、就业等;   3、在网络上建立了深入发展的亲密关系,却拒绝进行电话交谈或见面;   4、对于直接的提问,不能提供坦率回答;   5、本人外表与网站形象照明显不同;   6、从不向您介绍他 她的朋友、同事或家庭成员。   张佳芮表示,互联网作为未来世界发展的趋势,是婚恋交友的一个重要平台,统的相亲模式,只能在周围的亲朋好友几十个异性范围内寻找自己的另一半,而互联网作为一个很好的人际交往工具,在解放婚恋选择权方面,的确是传统相亲模式不能比的。“只要保持理性相亲,注意防范和辨别网络诈骗,网络相亲对于解决中国单身男女的婚恋问题的确是一个很好的选择”。相关的主题文章: