Marie Diamond Uses Feng Shui To Master The

Goal-Setting The more I devote my time into finding out what makes the individuals featured in the monster hit of the year The Secret tick, the more I see what an eclectic mix of personalities they all are. Marie Diamond is no exception. She originates from Belgium and as she tells it she first started applying The Law of Attraction at the age of 7 through the pictures she would draw. As the story goes her father and brother had what could be best described as a Falling Out with one another after her brother ran off and married without first informing the family. She loved her brother very much but he dropped out of her life entirely after his dispute with their father. She thought of him often and longed to see him again. Months went by without a word but she kept thinking of him just the same. Out of nowhere it seems she got her first form of contact from him via a letter. Armed with his return address she wrote him back pouring out her little heart in every word written and requested to see him and his new bride. She then went to her room and drew a picture of her father and brother making amends by having them shake hands with the idea of forgiveness behind that simple gesture. She drew that picture with her intention in each and every separate stroke. She focused all her attention on the idea of her sibling and father .ing together again for Christmas. To her very own amazement she awoke on Christmas Eve to find her brother and his new bride in their living room. They (her father and older brother) where shaking hands just like they were in the picture she had created! She knew then and there the power of emotions and the thoughts they create. She has used this method of manifesting ever since and you can see for yourself what it has done for her in her own life! After watching the interview she gave on ABCs View From The Bay where she related this story I understood why her contribution to The Secret showed her telling her client to draw what he wanted to manifest. Before seeing that interview, I had no idea the power that form of artistic impression and intent really had in the creation of making our dreams materialize. I have been so touched by her personal story that I am in the intention of drawing a picture depicting my family which consists of myself, my two daughters Nikki and Hunter and my fianc Corey enjoying the life we are currently creating for ourselves with happiness, health and wealth behind the intent! She also emphasized the power of Vision Boards. She held up her own as an example of how to create one for the viewers to see. She has such great intention for wealth that she actually had a picture of A Billion-Dollar Bill! I didnt even know they existed until I saw one on her board. The idea behind that she stated was to allow unlimited amounts of wealth and prosperity to flow into her life. I like that idea myself. How about you? Lastly she explained how important it is for you to look at, imagine having, and focusing on the objects you put on your own Vision Board. Her advise for the board put it in a place where you will see it though out the day like your office for instance if you have one. The idea is to focus on it daily but she cautions never have the board behind you as it will not be as powerful there and it may even result in the objects on the board not .ing to you at all. In front of you is the best place for it but anywhere where your peripheral vision can see it will do as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: