Ma Ying-Jeou accused of responding to the mainland to Malaysia propaganda inexplicable

Ma Ying-Jeou accused of being sent to Malaysia for the mainland propaganda: after the first visit to, inexplicably, the first visit to Malaysia, before the interview, and waved to the media. Original title: Ma Ying-Jeou went to Malaysia for alleged propaganda ", The Belt and Road barge": rather baffling [global network reporter Qi Xiaohan reported] according to agency reported in November 15th on Hongkong, Ma Ying-Jeou Malaysia "Southern University College" and "world economic summit" invited, on the morning of 15 fly China Airlines to visit Malaysia before in an interview with the mainland "asked whether The Belt and Road" policy propaganda? Ma Ying-Jeou replied, "somehow". In the earlier part of the media reports, Ma Ying-Jeou is in line with the mainland "The Belt and Road" strategy in Malaysia propaganda, Ma Ying-Jeou responded, "this rather baffling". Ma Ying-Jeou said on the 17 day, he will attend the opening ceremony of the Chinese world economic forum, published "the development of Taiwan and ASEAN economies closely related to the prospect of" keynote speech, what is the content of the speech, to comment on the media, have the courage to apologize. Ma Ying-Jeou said, will visit to Penang Mr. Sun Zhongshan engaged in revolutionary activities site. It is reported that a considerable number of local sites, the day is about to go to eight places, each place is very want to go, because most of Mr. Sun Zhongshan revolution by Malaysia and Singapore to help, especially in terms of finance. Comprehensive media coverage, do the day before the first pointed out that Ma Ying-Jeou’s trip to Johor Southern University School of speech, 16 days to visit Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s historical footprint locations, and then to Malacca evening to attend the 17 summit speech. Because of Malaysia’s land area is not small, Li Jinyou will provide the private plane to pick Ma Ying-Jeou’s mission in the territory of Malaysia travel, to show their personal area of Taiwan on the former leader of the delegation of courtesy. MA Office said that Ma Ying-Jeou’s visit to Taiwan as leader’s visit to Malaysia, on the one hand, to promote Chinese culture, on the one hand shows that the Taiwan authorities by pushing the "New South" policy, which in Cai Yingwen’s office to apply for exit are provided that. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: