Loving husband and wife 40 years separation belt for granddaughter grandchildren 3 years again-drop dead diva

Loving husband for 40 years with 3 years to separate with grandson granddaughter – Beijing, the couple feelings very well. Go out and enjoy life. She and her husband married 43 years, two people each other, jointly operate a canteen, with 3 children. In the first 40 years of marriage, the old couple have never been apart for one day in the past two years. Until three years ago, the eldest son married and had children, in order to take the sun, she had to go to Jiangsu, go for a period of three years. Three years later, when she returned home, can not help but feel sad tears, "he old teenager, very thin, good distressed." Grandson on kindergarten, she finally can go home to take care of his wife. But I did not expect that, a year later, the youngest son came news: child daughter-in-law pregnant, please go to Hunan with her granddaughter. In the face of the coming three years, she felt unbearable. Love forty years had experienced Shenglisibie determined not to separate the day 64 year old to live with her husband Li Qikun Ji min Shu Ling Lu, who is two young farmers, by growing vegetables for a living. With increasing age, physical decline of both husband and wife in the last century at the end of 90s, opened a shop, selling groceries fruit by subsistence. Ji Min and his wife to two people, is living within the jurisdiction of a loving couple, "we never separate one day." This year, 65 year old Li Qikun said, had a hard life, so each other is the greatest spiritual pillar of life. More than and 40 years of life, the number of two people of husband and wife quarrel blush are numbered. It’s hard to imagine how it would have been forty years without a single day In the face of our questions, to sensitive to speak about the occurrence of the 1986 that unforgettable thing. "When we are in their 30s, from dawn to dusk every day to grow vegetables, vegetables." To Ji Min said, when she and her husband to sell vegetables, at half past two every morning departure from home to the food market. One day, she because of physical discomfort in the home, the husband of a person riding a tricycle to start selling vegetables. "It was very dark, and there were only occasional lorries on the road. Unexpectedly, that day, a large truck hit the Lao li!" In the accident, let the couple almost to death, her husband Li Qikun for nearly a year to fully recover. After this event, the two will make up their minds, can not be separated from their lives, even if the day is not." The first time was with the sun to Suzhou not three years to 2011, Kyrgyzstan min and Li Qikun’s eldest son Li Cong married in Jiangsu. Li Cong went to college in Nanjing and left his wife with him after graduation. The two old people at that time took out most of his savings for the eldest son bought a house in Nanjing, the heart of the event that finally resolved, but did not expect, in mid 2011, the eldest son telephone, wife is pregnant, want to take care of Ji Min to Jiangsu in the late. After all, is the first grandson, the heart is still excited, but still can not worry about his wife at home to say. After half a month in the struggle, her husband Li Qikun’s assurances, Ji min to set foot on the train to Jiangsu. April 2012, the first of the two old grandson came to Ji min will devote himself to take care of grandchildren相关的主题文章: