Liu Jiang response to love it controversy think of Faye Wong little

Liu Jiang responded "falling in love" controversy: think of Faye Wong’s daughter we love Sina entertainment news ruined visit? Really bad? Are people too messy? Liu Jiang [micro-blog] new director "we love it" carrying a full look forward to the audience’s launch, but with three years ago hit "let’s get married" in contrast, received the above evaluation once more. The face of these disputes, Sina entertainment exclusive dialogue director Liu Jiang for questioning the plot destroyed three concept, he said earlier just show, but do not represent the creative advocate that way of life, "to believe that telling the story." At the same time, he also said: "let’s get married and" are two different architectures, set the name, there are some commercial considerations; as for the fetus has smiled knowingly bombarded users Lin still be born in detail, he took Faye Wong’s birth to Li Yan as an example, lamented the great maternal love also, say life has too many scientific indifference. The plot set was Tucao? Liu Jiang: each person will now have stereo broadcast episodes, Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog] as [micro-blog] Xinyi Zhang, Lin smiled as Pan Zhizhi and Ai Liya’s mother Jane has become the object of focus users tucao. Among them, Lin Helen graduated from a famous university, in the problem that the fetal genetic gene, the future may be sick situation still insisted that he was born, was obtuse; because Pan Zhizhi in Concho (Zhang Xilin [micro-blog] ornaments) and lead to the death of his wife in marriage, then introduced him to the good sisters Cai Chunni (Lan Qin [micro-blog] decoration), ridiculed by netizens as Green Tea bitch "; although Ai Liya will put Jane mother tough, arrogant, selfish character vivid, but also accused of excessive performance. In the face of all kinds of controversy, Liu Jiang Sina entertainment to share a lot of creative ideas, but also on the question of the user to answer. Sina entertainment: for the audience Tucao several characters in the play too wonderful how do you see? Liu Jiang: the creation of the need to choose a distinctive character, the audience can not like, but does not mean that the role is not true. Although at the beginning we feel unwell, someone Tucao, but in fact, everyone has an unknown side, will slowly three-dimensional. Sina entertainment: before the focus of the conflict and contradiction is very much, there is an audience that read suffocation, do you notice it? Liu Jiang: This is my so designed as to allow writers, the audience will feel this way, one is the relationship between the characters of complex really easy to have discomfort, but on the other hand with you with "let’s get married" look, the plot and structure contrast are very large. The audience was flashing. Sina entertainment: a lot of users believe that Lin Yan insisted on the birth of children with genetic problems are too stupid, what is the original intention of your design? Liu Jiang: I also use the words of the user back, Faye Wong’s little daughter, Li Yan should not be born? She and Li Yapeng were also aware of the problem before the production of children, but now to see the child alive, if she was deprived of the right to life is not fair? Lin smiled from the point of view, she investigated the child’s relevant information, even if the disease is not.相关的主题文章: