Li Nian, the mistress burst too wide wealth divorce helpless actors are people –

Li Nian, the mistress burst too wide wealth divorce helpless: actors are people – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, mainland actress Li Nian married in 2010 2 billion 200 million net worth of wealthy, married and has a son and a daughter, life is happy and happy, but recently she suffered cyber attacks, 17 micro-blog express distressed Qiao Renliang Yu, also said:" the actor is also helpless ah, little heart did not imagine so strong". Qiao Renliang because of the long-term depression in the micro-blog Li Nian Dutch act, was very distressed, and also love yourself as an actor, because she is the recent entertainment topics, but is said to have married her husband, said she is the mistress, unmarried pregnant, let her anger anger back: "I met my husband said don’t ever want to get married before the idea of where the ex-wife? He married, dare to find out his ex-wife?" She even said that he was married in November 2010, in January 2012 only to give birth to a child, "how am I pregnant? My child has been pregnant for 16 months?" After marriage, often in the micro-blog share daily she was scolded friends show off their wealth, she also stressed that he bought a lot of designer goods, but was written as a noble luxury, because of her birth, need time to enrich themselves, so do not accept the interview, it is outside the frequency attack, so she reluctantly said: "why do not so good?" Recently, because she has been deleted light micro-blog, mistook her for a divorce, "the actor is who ah, little heart did not imagine so strong. If you really love an actor, please give a little space, perhaps a life of hope!"相关的主题文章: