Lenovo released Yoga book with wacom drawing board instead of the keyboard tencent upd

Lenovo released Yoga Book Wacom drawing board instead of the keyboard from love fan children autumn release tide with IFA (Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show) is coming, PC industry leader here has released a number of new products, one of the most striking is a deformation of the Yoga Book, the basic configuration is not high. But form but enough to attract people. The Verge has got this notebook, from the pictures they shoot, Lenovo Yoga series of classic axis design was retained, see Yoga Book is a product with Yoga gene. In addition, this new product is also equipped with a pressure sensitive stylus. If that is the biggest characteristic of this notebook, that is C, is also the most laptop keyboard surface without a physical keyboard, it is a piece of flat screen, using the drawing board of Wacom technology. As for the basic computer configuration is more general, go not monster line: Atom Z8550 processor 10.1 inch X5 1920 x 1200 IPS resolution touch screen 4GB memory, 64GB storage space, with a microSD card slot before 2 million, 8 million pixel camera 680 grams of 8500mAh battery, the nominal 15 hours because the overall configuration, so Yoga Book price is not expensive, Windows version for $549 (about 3670 yuan), Android version for $499 (about 3330 yuan). If it is not a artboards, this Yoga Book is a completely new era of the Internet, but as a new selling point, Yoga Book are also on this board. The drawing board Wacom is Lenovo called Halo Keyboard keyboard, support pressure, through the keyboard backlight display, also can be used as a drawing board, and the 2048 level matching stylus combination. The pen can change the ink pen, this Yoga Book on the drawing board on the pad a layer of paper was created, then not only the paper will have the creation of handwriting, drawing board below can also synchronize handwriting and pressure, the realization of "copy" effect. If you put this notebook as a conventional netbook, is a natural groove a lot of points, such as the border to stop the aircraft carrier, no key to the process to "keyboard", but obviously, it is not possible for ordinary consumers, but the drawing creation of specific populations, and demand, it is at least one can use equipment. As for Yoga Book competitors, we naturally think of the productivity tools iPad Pro, and want to do productivity tools Pixel C tablet. Who’s "born".相关的主题文章: