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Lidaxiao: if not 3100 then I quit Phoenix Financial News September 9th lidaxiao released micro-blog wrote "if not 3100, I will withdraw from the political arena". Today (September 9th), Li Daxiao in micro-blog, micro-blog said at noon lidaxiao bursts, solemnly announced: A shares from the baby into the bull market! Li Daxiao said, buy in diamond bottom sold in the top in micro-blog earth, the vast majority of people on the contrary; Li Daxiao said buying shares, selling five, most of the people on the contrary; Li Daxiao said that 2850 is the baby, most people buy in 3600, then this is the most people to cause loss at Li Daxiao. I am sad, a little want to withdraw from the lake, and we say good? Observation of micro-blog users can be found in the comments, the majority of users have been crying over the bottom of the baby crying frequently, but there are users that Li Daxiao said the 3100 will soon come. Lidaxiao micro-blog certified data, Ying Tai Securities chief economist, public information, Li Daxiao graduated in 1980s, engineering education background. Started work in 1997, worked in Dongguan securities company (1997 – April 2009); former position: Dongguan Securities chief analyst, Dongguan Securities Research Association Secretary General, Dongguan Finance Association, Dongguan Federation of Social Sciences Committee, the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of finance expert, Shanghai Securities News gold analyst". In April 11, 2009, Li Daxiao began working in British securities. Lidaxiao has Shenzhen No. 1 shareholders code, but also the first to invest in stock investors, after nearly five years of hanging about the identity of investors, from the beginning of 1997, officially entered the Dongguan securities company, become a market researcher. From participating in the stock market to enter the securities companies engaged in securities research, from the securities grassroots to the chief economist positions. Put forward the "Diamond bottom" began in January 6, 2012, when the market fell to 2132 points in a weak way. In February 6th of that year, the stock market has always been love metaphor lidaxiao presented his new ideas, "with 2132 points as nodes, high quality stock investment into the region, showing a diamond investment value." Since then, he publicly and micro-blog proposed a large number of data and cases to prove their point of view, when the market volatility, he would say "shock not to mind taking the trouble, lack of consideration, or diamond bottom, even raised sharp questions in response to the" Diamond bottom sparkling in investors". In fact, since the 1664 point market reversal, since Li Daxiao in early 2009 bullish stock market, it has always adhered to the market is a ice melting trip. A series of shot up in 2015 in Shanghai, Li Daxiao suddenly proposed stocks need to comply with five military regulations, to guard against five stock risk, now it seems that he was suggesting a certain predictability. Li Daxiao has over 2 million fans on micro-blog, some people think that he is the conscience of the industry, while others think that he has a well-known public number WeChat curry favour by claptrap, believe that Li Daxiao and other stars mostly reverse index. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[Ifen] or Phoenix securities;相关的主题文章: