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Korean media: Korea Football Association for the whole North North will embarrass or bribery ticket downgrade – Sohu sports Korean media: Korea Football Association for the whole North ticket   for bribery; Beijing on September 19th news the Korean occupation football league K Jeonbuk Hyundai team after the 30 round, continue to keep the unbeaten record of 17 wins. 13 record in the League lead. But the team atmosphere is not easy, because the Scout C a suspected bribery referee scandal surfaced in June, currently the case has been the end of the three trial. South Korean Football Association (KFA) will be out of what kind of ticket is unknown, the industry said the storm is related to the reputation of the South Korean football, the worst case, the North may be fined." KFA plans to hold the first punishment committee in July, announced specific penalties for the north. In order not to affect the whole northern expedition AFC Champions League, KFA decided in August 23rd to the north after the port of Shanghai AFC Champions League 14 final first leg, and held a commission. But the extension of two degrees and the time of the Commission, "KFA decided to publish the contents of the penalty in the final four decided after the end of September AFC Champions League." North to the Hong Kong team 5-0 victory over Super Shanghai, with a total score of 5-0 AFC Champions League four scenery promotion. It also makes recently because of South Korea’s foot in 2018 Russia World Cup Asian zone 12 finals and poor performance of much public pressure KFA sigh, but the North Korean football competition face also makes KFA more in a bribery scandal in a nice hobble scout. In just the end of the thirtieth round of the K League, the north and the Suwon Samsung 1-1 draw their unbeaten record, and ranked second in the Seoul FC opened the integral 10 points above the gap, such as no accident, the title of the season is the North now. But Korean media comment, a scout C bribery referee events become a time bomb". In the first instance, a certain C denied to the referee A, a B to send money in order to allow the whole North in the game to benefit. But a referee but that he proposed unfair request. On the purpose of giving money, three people do not agree. The three trial ended in September 12th, C still adhere to this is for the pocket money, prosecutors against "the money is to bribe each other by default." Korean media pointed out that the court will be sentenced to a guilty or innocent C, is punishable by fines or penalties become the focus. If the prosecution is dissatisfied with the decision, you can continue to appeal the case to the Supreme Court of South korea. Qing FC last year because of bribery referee, was sentenced to a fine of 70 million won and deducted League points of 10 points. This punishment is too light shelling. The influence of the bribery scandal on the north side of the K League is not comparable. KFA on the north will be out of what kind of ticket, not only domestic concern, and FIFA (FIFA) is also very concerned about. The former striker, Jeju United last year Jiang Xiuyi tested positive, KFA was initially suspended for six months only out of the ticket, but FIFA believes that this punishment is too light for the international sports arbitration court (CAS), CAS made the suspension decision 2 years. If the KFA continues to the North bend it will suffer from more serious means at home and abroad)相关的主题文章: