Ke Zhendong won the Venice Film Awards show won the praise of recover the original simplicity minmi

Ke Zhendong won the Venice Film Awards show won the praise: "goodbye" Mandalay recover the original simplicity Award "goodbye" tile City Sina entertainment news director Zhao Deyin film "goodbye" tile City Scenery contest finalists Venice Film Festival Venice officially, days before the world premiere of local praise applause, acting actress Ke Zhendong, Wu Kexi by the international film sure. The Venice Film Festival on the 9 evening local time, 7 points (10 am Beijing time 1) officially announced that the film won the European Film Award for best film alliance, director Zhao Deyin personally brought the glory, and returned to Taiwan, Ke Zhendong Wu Kexi that message is quite open heart. The European film awards at the Venice International Film Festival Film Festival is the official index of alliance award from Venice, on the horizon, critics’ week unit movie together rating, at least 60 more than countries participating by the European film, film critic, film studios, professional scholars review, selected the best picture, screenplay, and new European film 4 "good bye" awards, Mandalay maximum award for best film award, reason: "director Zhao Deyin used the language of film aesthetics and the precision of the real way to show the natural actor performances, not sloppy, elegant and accurate description of the cruel story of the real world." In addition, the review also specifically mentioned Ke Zhendong and Wu Kexi’s superb performance. "Good bye" tile City days before the world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, after the video site more than 600 audience applause for 3 minutes, Wu Kexi was touched by the atmosphere of the scene said: "I must give a lot of spirit." And Ke Zhendong finished watching the movie joked: before with too much hatred of the director, the original training, torture is effective." Two for the movie 1 years training in hard grinding, the film show workers vivid, the foreign audience exclaimed: "how is the fashion of young people!" I can’t believe they grew up in Taipei. International authoritative media also give "goodbye" tile City one-sided praise, "Hollywood" reported that the rhythm of the movie is compact, with commercial breakthrough, is not a cultural barriers to the universal story, Wu Kexi won the "best career performance" super high evaluation, and to "anti Pu Guizhen" to describe Ke Zhendong’s superb performance. Screen daily believes that director Zhao Deyin’s mastery of the atmosphere, the rhythm, and the show has created this fascinating film. French "Le Monde" think "goodbye" tile City Stories and film aesthetics is full of originality, save the Venice Film Festival, the film festival pulled high level. Director Zhao Deyin came to accept the award thanks to the Venice Film Festival, special thanks to the actress Ke Zhendong, Wu Kexi, described them as "very professional and very hard actor", very happy with the performance can be seen, and they hope to share this award. He also thanked the crew and he stood together, investors have never interfered with any of his creation, thanks to the illiterate mother insisted that he was educated, thanks to his sister to help him to study in Taiwan. Ke Zhendong has been back to Taiwan, Wu Kexi learned that the news is very happy, the first time quite excited, but also to the director to fly back to Venice to accept the award, he was happy ()相关的主题文章: