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JINGWAH times: girls because of telephone fraud death, who should be responsible – View – people.com.cn original title: girls because of telephone fraud death, who is responsible for the incident, guilty, not just evil fraudsters, including us. We have long been the harassment has been nothing. Shandong, Linyi, 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu, with a score of 568 admitted to the University, but did not wait until the day to enter the university. Telephone fraud, cheated 9900 yuan tuition for half the family live frugally saved, and directly led to her death from cardiac arrest. Don’t blame a rural children’s simple, do not blame a child’s fragile". We used the "heart broken" and "heart" to describe a person subjected to shock or pain, always thought that is a metaphor or hyperbole, and now, has encountered a living example. One is to think, we will also feel that this girl in a short period of time before he died in pain. A child, a child in a poor family and particularly sensible child, a child of hope for the future. However, all of these good things, almost all become overwhelmed by her straw. It is in the intense contrast with the grief that we feel her indescribable pain. What is a tragedy? Tragedy is tearing the valuable things to people. Lu Xun said. How to avoid the tragedy, we need everyone in and the fate of the fight, his temper is strong. As for the wings have not plump children? Depends on the society to establish a harmonious and safe environment, the establishment of a solid firewall. If there is not such a child control, a "test" we even have not aware of where we are "evil" blind: in the city, almost every day we received unsolicited sales calls, telephone harassment, spam messages and telephone fraud. Remember there is a public security bureau has, telephone fraud and even hit his office. As a "common" footnote, almost at the same time, also in Shandong, a rural girl, suffered telephone fraud, cheated out of home 6800 yuan tuition put all sorts of things together. The words of a sketch of the lines: Alas, it is impossible to guard against. But we have just as we are accustomed to regard with equanimity, long haze, congestion. Until this young girl, with a hope for the future, the sudden death in a dull afternoon a "common" telephone fraud. This incident, guilty, not just evil fraudsters, including us. We have long been the harassment has been nothing. Every time we blame the victim’s lack of awareness, it seems that we can shirk our responsibility. We forget that "if an ineffectual remedy, which is a fundamental solution". Garbage is not clear, even if the mosquitoes breed, coated with anti mosquito oil, it will inevitably be some bites; and was able to remove the garbage. In May this year, Xinhua news agency has commented that paragraph 170171 for criminals to open the floodgates wide to telecommunications operators, regulatory attitude "ambiguous", the relevant departments can not be completely indifferent. Words are still ringing in our ears. Face)相关的主题文章: