Jiang Guangxiang the spear of the acquirer and the shield of the listed company jiqingwuyuetian

Jiang Guangxiang: the spear and the shield of the takeover of the listed company Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple Jiang Guangxiang Jianqian way Baowan battle smoke has not cleared, sunshine insurance placards Yili once again led the market attention. For this kind of venture capital barbarians really different opinions. It forced us to be close to the nature of the behavior of placards normalization of venture capital. Look from the perspective of listed companies are placards, most excellent performance, management or order in the first shareholders often even arrogant, happy and pleased with oneself, until the door stood a barbarian". The natural side of the couch to let others to sleep, but was acquired at the listed companies tend to have dispersed ownership and other short board, instinctive fear and panic, often Hunzhao frequent. We have noted that some listed companies had tried to strengthen the control of major shareholders by modifying the articles of association of the company, but the study of the relevant laws and regulations is not fine, even conflict with draft Securities Law, by the exchange of inquiry has failed to complete the revision. Don’t rush between the clumsy ban life out of sort of emotion and compassion. Look from the angle of venture capital placards, the most intuitive reason is, according to the current accounting standards, the shareholding ratio reached 5% and the presence of directors, the insurance company equity investment accounting methods by the fair value method to the equity method, the company can avoid sharp fluctuations in performance and solvency, reduce capital pressure, and enhance the market visibility. The deeper reason is that in recent years, the insurance company premiums although showing rapid growth trend, but by the macroeconomic downturn, the central bank cut interest rates affect the RRR and other factors, in the asset shortage, interest rates down and fixed income products revenue fell under the condition of high-quality basic assets, to obtain long-term stable returns, more and more difficult. Insurance companies have to improve the proportion of equity investments, especially some of the high dividend yield of listed companies, in order to improve the rate of return on investment. The buyer is not stupid. The strong uncertainty of garbage stocks do not see someone placards, most venture capital placards listed companies in the blue chips. The listed company has good transparency, equity has a very strong liquidity, safety and profitability, whether regular dividend or stock prices are good; to a large extent, this also with national advocacy to the development direction of the direct financing, support the development of the capital market, reduce macroeconomic favorable lever, described as fame and fortune. Therefore, regardless of Qianhai or the sun life insurance, whether Vanke or Yili, around the placards this behavior is not a moral, is taking the pure line of business. In the regulatory position does not violate the relevant regulatory requirements, the results of the stress test shows that under the premise of risk control, it is possible to return to the main line of conflict, this contradiction refers to the acquisition of the spear and the shield of listed companies. Venture capital funds will spearhead the rich, sharp, a greater proportion to the equity of listed companies, high-quality basic assets, placards listed companies will also be more normal. CIRC chairman Xiang Junbo said earlier, the insurance company placards listed companies stock to objectively look at. On the one hand, to increase equity investment is the development of direct financing in the next period of time, the support of the capital market theory相关的主题文章: