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Jeremy Lin was like a shooting Coach: enhance the defense organization ability wins Walker sports Sohu Beijing time on February 16th, according to U.S. media reports, in an interview, Jeremy Lin shooting coach Doug shepler said, so far this season, Jeremy Lin’s defense has improved, at the same time from the organization perspective, Jeremy Lin is better than the Hornets guard Walker. Here are the main points of the interview: Q: what do you think about Jeremy Lin’s performance this season? Xie: when I see him, I want him to trust his shots more. I’ve adjusted his shooting skills and hopefully he’ll be more efficient. Now it looks like Jeremy Lin doesn’t trust his shots. He’s a rhythmic shooter. For these types of pitchers, if they don’t hit the shots, they may lose confidence. Q: what do you think about Jeremy Lin and Walker? Thanks: Jeremy Lin did better when he had the ball. Walker is a good athletic defender, but he doesn’t work very well with other people. Walker is the leader of shooting priority. He looked almost like a street. He doesn’t believe in others when he works with other players. Jeremy Lin is not the case, as a guard, he passed the ball first. He is more interested in creating opportunities for teammates to score points, and he will make a breakthrough to create opportunities for his teammates. Nash is such a guard. He can make his teammates better. In addition, Jeremy Lin is better at shooting options this season. Walker wasn’t like that. Q: many people have questioned Jeremy Lin’s defense. What do you think of that? Thanks: Jeremy Lin has performed well defensively so far this season. He did very well in basic skills. They all say that the child doesn’t defend well. But Clifford (Hornets coach) believes in Jeremy Lin’s defence because he knows that Jeremy Lin will do well and appear in the right place. (Fu Yun)

林书豪防守提升获赞 投篮教练:组织能力胜沃克-搜狐体育   北京时间2月16日,据美媒体报道,在接受采访时,林书豪投篮教练道格-谢普勒表示,本赛季至今,林书豪的防守有所提升,同时从组织能力角度来看,林书豪胜过黄蜂主力控卫沃克。以下是这次采访的主要内容:   问:对于林书豪本赛季的投篮表现,你有什么看法?   谢普勒:当我看到他时,我希望让他能够更信任自己的投篮。我对他的投篮技术有所调整,希望他能够更有效率。现在看上去林书豪不太信任自己的投篮。他是节奏型射手。对于这样类型的投手,如果他们无法命中投篮,那么有可能会失去信心。   问:对于林书豪和沃克,你怎么看?   谢普勒:当林书豪有球权时他表现更好。沃克是一位拥有不错运动能力的后卫,但是他与其他人合作效果不佳。沃克是投篮优先的控卫。看上去他几乎像是在打街球。在与其他球员合作时他并不相信他人。林书豪则不是如此,身为控卫,他以传球为先。他更有兴趣为队友制造空位得分机会,他会利用突破为队友制造机会。纳什就是这样类型的后卫。他能够让身边队友更好。除此以外,林书豪本赛季在投篮选择方面更好了。沃克并不是如此。   问:很多人都曾质疑过林书豪的防守,对此你有什么看法?   谢普勒:本赛季至今,林书豪的防守表现不错。在基本技术方面他做得很好。他们都说这个孩子防守不好。不过克利福德(黄蜂主帅)信任林书豪的防守,因为他知道林书豪将会做得很好,并出现在正确的位置。   (浮云)相关的主题文章: