Japanese lawmakers say Japan could become the fifty-first U.S. state to be elected president of the t420s

Japanese members said Japan became the fifty-first state president elect Obama data figure America: according to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency on February 17th, the president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan Ministry of justice Maruyama Kazuno 17 in the Senate constitutional review conference said: "now, the United States is black as president, the succession of black ancestry, but the slave." After the review meeting, the hill held a press conference apology said: "made a speech that seems to lead to misunderstanding, very sorry."." The statement of Mount Shan may be regarded as racial discrimination or will lead to criticism. "What’s the constitutional problem about Japan becoming the fifty-first state of the United States?" said Ma at the review conference" He expounded the consistent explanation at the meeting, and if Japan was incorporated into the United States, "collective self-defense is absolutely not a problem.". Probably not even kidnapping. It could also happen to the president of the United States of america." "At the beginning of the founding of the United States, it was not expected that there would be Negroes and slaves as presidents," she added! The United States is a country that has changed." Maruyama although at a press conference called to explain detailed meeting minutes and make corrections or delete ", but does not specify what is the corresponding section of the speech.

日议员称日本可成为美第51个州 当选美国总统 资料图:奥巴马   据日本共同社2月17日消息,日本自民党法务部会长丸山和也17日在参院宪法审查会上称:“现在,美国是黑人当上了总统,继承着黑人的血统,这可是 奴隶。”审查会结束后,丸山召开记者会致歉称:“做出了似乎会引发误解的发言,十分抱歉。”丸山的发言可能被视为种族歧视,或将招致批判。   丸山在审查会上发言称:“对于日本成为美国第51个州,宪法上有什么问题?”他在会上阐述一贯的见解说,如果日本被编入美国的话,“集体自卫权完全没有问题。大概连绑架问题也不会发生。还可能会出现生于‘日本州’的美国总统。”   丸山补充道:“在美国建国之初,没想到会有黑人、奴隶成为总统吧!美国是爆发变革的国家。”   丸山虽然在记者会上解释称“想详查会议纪要并做出订正或删除”,但未指明对应的是哪段发言。相关的主题文章: