Is iFLYTEK vs Sogou input method the Luo skies guess who

Is iFLYTEK vs Sogou input method the Luo skies: guess who wins? In October 18th, a new machine as promised, but did not expect T3 hammer powder, but the new M series. The conference, opened a full 3 hours! 3 hours, Guo Degang said the comic to rest, Luo, in addition to the middle Zhu Xiaomu introduced new system rested for nearly half an hour, the rest of the time is a person in the Luo said, the key is, no urine, full applause, climax, have to admire, "say" this thing is definitely in the mobile phone CEO Luo, a force that most cattle. Hammer conference press conference, hammer phone configuration is no longer lagging behind, and known as "will not be canceled," the physical buttons have been replaced by Apple’s circular HOME key, the mood will eventually be attributed to reality. No face, no harm…… This conference, in addition to the new mobile phone, but also to fire another company – xunfei. Exactly, should be the voice input iFLYTEK input method. Conference, Luo claimed that the accuracy of speech input method is as high as 97%, a live demonstration of links, Luo said a long, speaking quickly, Xunfei soon identified. But there is no 97% so accurate? Voice input method can really replace the traditional manual input it? As a comparison, we use iFLYTEK input method Sogou input method and experience, both speech input key position: pop-up input method, iFLYTEK voice input button in the middle position just above, it is easy to find; iFLYTEK input method of speech recognition and speech input key position of Sogou is put in a a hidden place, do not look carefully really not easy to find. Sogou input method is hidden from the position of the key position of choice, can also be seen on the two voice input attitude, more obvious xunfei. Method of use are also different, in the Xunfei, just click the microphone button, pop-up voice input interface, you can directly talk; without always press can continue speech recognition and search dogs will need to press the outgoing speech input interface, but can not let go. Speaking also need to always press, let go is to end the voice input, somewhat similar to the WeChat voice and WeChat Sogou Pinyin pronunciation is relatively similar, Xunfei use up more effort, after all, according to a long time is not convenient, easy to hand acid. Support language: This is not comparable, Sogou only supports Mandarin, English and Cantonese three; and Xunfei in addition to the three outside, also supports Chinese to English, English to Chinese, and 18 kinds of dialects. Support for language input contrast: no matter how much difference in the use of experience, but the most important thing is the accuracy of the identification. Luo said on the conference for a long time, I also tried to say a long talk. IFLYTEK is using millet mote, Sogou using millet 4C, open at the same time the speech input. Both recognize text, Sogou accuracy higher, Xunfei recognition has a clear clutter, "the square Kentucky" is what ghosts and other basic almost all. Sogou recognition iFLYTEK input method is accurate.相关的主题文章: