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IPO poverty alleviation, strict supervision can not have Easy Access commentary by Wei Yingjie recently, the Commission issued "on the capital markets play a role in national poverty alleviation service strategy of opinions" in poor areas, initial public offering (IPO), three new board listing, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions and other open Easy Access. File in the capital market, a ripple. The impact of this document on the capital market is obvious. Although the opinions on the audit of Listed Companies in poor areas to adhere to the standards of the project does not fall, the conditions are not reduced, but since the opening of the green channel, the ability to control the relevant principles of living is a question. It is also easy to give people a feeling that the regulatory authorities to approve the right as a tool for poverty, which is not conducive to the stability of investor confidence. Play the role of the capital market, the national poverty alleviation strategy to serve the country, the original intention can not be said to be wrong, but depends on how to do. "Opinions" put forward, for registration and production operations are in poor areas, in accordance with the relevant conditions of the enterprise, "the report is for trial, is" policy, which not only unrealistic, but also easy to "have an ulterior motive" of the enterprise took the opportunity to collect money. In fact, it is not difficult to meet the conditions mentioned in the document. Find a local registration and management of the enterprise, directly to the acquisition, and then apply for IPO, you can easily get the green channel treatment. This is equivalent to the poor areas of the enterprise opened the registration system, the listing process is greatly simplified. As can be imagined, once the implementation of this policy, there will be many companies trying to hitchhike through poor areas listed disguised. This is much faster than the backdoor listing, the cost may be much cheaper. You know, how many companies are waiting queue IPO every year, and now as long as the application in the poor areas, at least have the right to "jump the queue". It may be said that if we can attract enterprises to invest in poor areas, it is tantamount to poverty alleviation. It’s a mistake to think so. Capital operation and investment entities are two different things. "Via" can through the capital operation of local enterprises (such as blood sucking, equity pledge) and money from the capital market. This story, often staged in the stock market. The day before, the Shanghai stock exchange held the members of the general assembly. Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu at the meeting pointed out that we must adhere to the rule of law, strict supervision, an important concept of comprehensive supervision. This is also since he took charge of the key work and gradually clear. In this regard, investors in the capital market has also had some insight and experience. But the poor areas of the enterprise IPO to open up a green channel, even if the starting point is correct, it may be in the actual operation of the above ideas contrary. In fact, this will open a capital market to allow companies to escape the regulation of the gap, resulting in the concept of strict supervision failed. For enterprises from poor areas, it is not possible to reduce the process, simplify procedures, but can not put the necessary regulatory principles aside. This can not help these enterprises, but also for other enterprises of a kind of injustice. [more news interpretation, WeChat add public account today topic listen]相关的主题文章: