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Mobile-Cell-Phone Once you trap in a zombie apocalypse there is no returning back for sure, the gloomy and scary zombie world is now be.e one of the most themes being used on Mobile Games. You can find so many titles in this genre ranging from the usual surviving games like plant Vs Zombie into more cute and simple game like Zombie Smash it. Into the dead is not both of them, this game has serious feel and also scary world. With the help of its great graphic your zombie apocalypse experience will be more realistic for sure. Lets see the detail below Feature Different from any surviving game you have played before, in this challenging title Into the Dead you are going to try hard for your surviving. The story is just like another zombie game where some unknown virus attacked our planet and makes all people be.e the dead walker. You are trap on some kind of ranch with no one around. One thing for sure you need to run as fast as you can to avoid getting killed by those monsters. There is no weapon available for you at first since you are wake up and realize you didnt even know what the hell is going on. The control is pretty simple, just like Temple run or any endless running game you have played you character will run and move automatically and all you need to do is move left or right to get tough lots and lots of zombies. You only need to swipe your screen to move right or left, once you have a weapon simply tap to kill those zombies with your equipment. Its not simple as its sound because the zombies you will deal with is lots, hundred or thousand maybe when you get into higher level. For the weapon, you can find so many type weapons to help you survive and get trough each level ranging from the ordinary baseball bat into the freaking badass saw machine. One of the great things from this game is that you can use so many weapons but somehow its not enough since skill and depth thinking is also needed to survive. My favorite is the saw machine, you can easily chop those zombie head with single tap, beware though because their blood will be everywhere on your screen. The graphic is no doubt one of the best feature for into the dead, a nicely render 3D graphic on your smartphone. You can say that into that have console quality graphic, with its gloomy and scary themes the developed success making this game to feel like they want. You can see the zombie from far away as a shadow, but when you reach them you can see the detail for each zombie. Ranging from an unknown filed into depth in the forest the environment nicely done and well make. If you want to play this game, you easily download it on Google play for free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: