Interview with the Spanish youth director of Chinese football like 20 years ago, Spanish football-incubus

In an interview with the Spanish Academy Director: China football like 20 years ago, the Spanish football is China Spanish capital acquisition source: football newspaper reporter Wang Wei reported as the first Spanish striker Laardin, the Spanish club’s youth director, summed up in the China many days after the inspection, Laardin detailed interpretation of him in the eyes of the Chinese youth football mode. The importance of the game play China youth in the process, I think in conditions permitting, China should be organized every Monday from the youth league system, the player must grow in combat." 12 of the race team Chinese [Chinese player performance does not meet expectations of fans in the two games, not because Chinese play or Spain play, because China players experience too little, the effective rate of the ball are not high. ] "soccer": in the Super League, even in a B, the club to do basic work, but seriously, whether in the occupation or youth team construction, not all teams such as Hengda, relatively speaking, like the Spanish club is not the emperor horse, Barcelona Club Ball in this regard, you can China in small clubs some suggestions, such as how to survive and develop? Laardin: you have a problem in Spain, too, with a lot of money and a small club. For small and medium-sized clubs, because they are playing in the same league, can not say that the budget is not playing this game. The Spanish experience in small clubs and how to Real Madrid and Barcelona in the same competition in the league? Can not say to see Real Madrid, Barcelona play so good to imitate, must be based on the strength of the players to develop their own unique style of play, and then look for each other’s weaknesses. For example, like La Liga Atletico Madrid and Seville now to Real Madrid and Barcelona blocking the formation of strong, in fact, their budget is relatively low, but they use their own youth camp out of the players, on the one hand these players are familiar with the style of the home team, well play, on the other hand, through their transfer to obtain economic benefits. Now the Shanghai Shenhua team coach Manzano was at Atletico Madrid as a coach, you also played for Atletico, this time you have to specifically look at the site of Guangzhou R & F and Shanghai Shenhua competition. In your experience, MANSANO what impression to you? Manzano is an experienced coach in spain. I knew he was a few years ago to lead Beijing Guoan coach China, achieved good results, after leaving Beijing Guoan and came to Shanghai shenhua. The communication and exchange of coaches is also a way to communicate with Chinese football. I look at the scene of the Fuli Shenhua, Shenhua coach think Manzano is a good performance in the second half, guarin and Moreno’s performance is very outstanding, Manzano brought the Spanish football for Shanghai shenhua. You’ve seen the Chinese national team. In the past 12 games, the Chinese team on the scene most of the time in a passive, you know.相关的主题文章: