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.munications As the largest conferencing provider in the world, InterCall has developed a seamless and collaborative platform for their Audio Conferencing products. InterCall boasts a staff of 1,500 Operators, 500+ meeting consultants, and serves over 40,000 different .panies worldwide. With its global reach, InterCall has been able to provide a high quality of service for every .pany, ranging from SMBs to Enterprise level services. On the InterCall platform users are able to utilize partnerships and products from Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco. Through the use of these different products, InterCall will provide its users with the ultimate conferencing solution. One of the most popular types of Audio Conferencing from InterCall is reservationless audio conferencing. Reservationless Audio Conferencing through InterCall provides the user with the ability to hold an Audio Conference call whenever need be. With the ultimate in flexibility, simply pick up your phone and use your conference code and dial in number to start the Audio Conference. It is great for anyone that is looking to have Audio Conferences on the fly, or would like to start their conferences quickly from their mobile phones. Often, It is used to hold sales calls, or to meet with customers and employees from around the world. InterCall Unified Meeting will bring the .plete Conferencing package to all users involved. With integration on the users desktop, sharing Audio and web conferencing through InterCall is .pletely streamlined. Through the Unified Meeting platform Conference Leaders are able to manage desktop content. As with all InterCall Conferencing services, Unified Meeting is reliable, secure, and simple to use platform. Unified Meeting can be paired with reservationless conferencing as well. This means that users can pair their Audio and Web conferencing solutions at any time. Unified Meeting is best used to work with new employees, to review documents that could not be reviewed through Audio Conferencing, and to present new products to customers and partners. InterCall Conferencing works great with Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect enables Adobe Flash on the customers desktop allowing them to use a collaborative technology with a great conferencing function. When Paired with InterCall Audio Conferencing, Cisco WebEx delivers a cloud based and limitless conferencing solution. Cisco WebEx is a solution where users are able to conduct an online presentation to all of the users in the conference. Through Cisco WebEx users are able to share files instantly during, before, or after the conference is finished. InterCall has truly be.e a leader in the Conferencing world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: