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In the end is how terrorism? – Sohu culture channel in July 14th this year, the French Nice terrorist attacks occurred, which is the third major terrorist attacks occurred within two years in france…… In recent years, the terrorist activities led by IS become more frequent, the European turmoil, to the world’s security has caused great impact. From this, we can not help but ask, in the end is how terrorism started? What is the definition of the modern West? What is the story behind it? At the beginning of the formation, how to deal with such a big country such as the United States? Scotland famous biographer James baswell? Once said "if history can reproduce, then behind every historical events, there are some unknown insider", today let us from below, through a detailed history, back to that era, to explore all sorts of "insider terrorism at the beginning of the birth of". This article is from the rise and fall of intelligence: a history of international security, the author Michael Warner, the Social Sciences Academic Press, January 2016. A, was born in the Middle East, the 1968 terrorist hijacking target Israel of Chile’s Socialist Party Salvatore Allende was elected president in 1970?. This makes the Chile ironically become the outer edge of both sides of the Cold War Secret action. However, once in power, Allende has proved to be a poor leader, a history of not doing homework to students. Chile’s currency collapse, while the opposition is still strong, by the worsening of political and economic chaos in the stimulus, the army ready to become. In the end, the coup led by general Augusto, the new chief of staff, succeeded. Salvatore? Allende left because of the military coup in Moneda Palace (Orlando Lagos) in just three weeks ago, Allende has just appointed him the job, and now he reversed the socialist victory, and Chile brings 20 years of another form of dictatorship. The ending of Chile just highlights the fact that the revolution has little effect. Even if the election does not mean that the armed movement sleep without any anxiety, the road is more bleak. Therefore, a new strategy was born in the Middle East, which is now called terrorism in the west, but it does not have a proper name. The idea is to weaken a strong enemy politically and create conditions for the guerrilla movement. When the guerrillas cannot break the isolated Garrison and the liberation of the rural, they can attack the target country in the citizens of other countries. In June 1967, the Israeli army launched a pre emptive strike against troops in Syria, Egypt and Jordan, in response to the worsening crisis. The result is a quick fix, "Six Day War" to the Arabia alliance in battle ended in disgrace. Israel is now occupying some of its neighbours in Arabia, hoping to force them to use land for peace. But peace does not come. Soon, the Arabs who sought revenge began to imitate the North vietnam.相关的主题文章: