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A brigade of rocket forces authorities publicly exposes scandalous soldiers vibration – Sohu Military Channel rocket forces a brigade of organs to improve examination survey style "navigation route" to abandon the traditional process of "communication camp combat readiness equipment placed irregularly, reflecting the combat readiness concept is not strong; Service Battalion soldiers notes that similar education, political education there is heavy form, as a mere formality of the phenomenon…… Recently, in a brigade of rocket forces held office meeting, authorities informed of the grass-roots examination situation, problems, find the root name it, touched the nerve of soldiers. According to reports, this is the brigade Party organs to improve examination research style, do not take the navigation route ", abandon the traditional process, the new change of real correction problem caused by long-standing grassroots. The brigade investigation found that in the past, the grass-roots examination of the organs, mostly guided by the grassroots inspection line, inspection steps are often based on the "traditional process": listen to reports, see data, engage in discussion…… Organ inspection is mostly a carefully prepared scene, and it is hard to touch the truth. "Can not find the problem, how to solve the problem?" Problem solving is not good, how to talk about construction and development?" The Party committee of the brigade "one class of people" realized that it was urgent to rectify the false organization. To this end, the brigade requires agencies at the grassroots level examination shall not be issued a notice, shall, according to the basic recommended inspection route shall allow the grassroots officers and soldiers accompanied by examining the research knowledge base to ensure the real situation; the establishment of inspection and accountability mechanisms, on the fly, not in-depth and meticulous, found organs inspection group is not timely, in accordance with the division of tasks strict accountability to the people. In addition, the brigade also organized the relationship between "combat" and "short board begin from me" to discuss the exchange activities, and guide grassroots officers and soldiers out of the problem is found more work situation is "passive" secretive "misunderstanding, the initiative to find their own problems, Jieduan ugly. It is understood that since the brigade improved inspection research style, basic problems in the construction of a long-standing gradually surfaced, the rectification rectification, grassroots construction showing a new atmosphere.

火箭军某旅机关公开自曝家丑 基层官兵震动-搜狐军事频道  火箭军某旅机关改进检查调研作风   不走“导航路线” 摒弃“传统流程”   通信营战备物资器材摆放不规整,反映出战备观念不强;勤务营部分战士教育笔记雷同,说明政治教育还存在重形式、走过场的现象……近日,在火箭军某旅召开的办公会上,机关通报对基层检查的情况,指名道姓点问题、顺藤摸瓜寻根源,深深触动了官兵的神经。据介绍,这是该旅党委机关改进检查调研作风,不走“导航路线”、摒弃“传统流程”,实打实纠治基层问题积弊带来的新变化。   该旅调研发现,以往机关下基层检查,大多按基层引导的检查路线进行,检查步骤也往往按“传统流程”展开:听汇报、看资料、搞座谈……机关检查看到的多是经过精心准备的景象,很难摸到实情。“发现不了问题,何谈解决问题?问题解决不好,何谈建设发展?”该旅党委“一班人”认识到,纠治机关检查不实之风刻不容缓。   为此,该旅要求机关到基层检查不得提前下发通知、不得按基层建议的检查路线进行、不得让基层官兵陪同,确保通过检查调研掌握基层真实情况;建立检查问责机制,对走马观花,不深入、不细致,发现问题不及时的机关检查组,按照任务分工严格问责到人。   此外,该旅还组织开展“问题关系战斗力”“补短板从我做起”等讨论交流活动,引导基层官兵走出“问题被发现得越多,工作局面就越被动”“家丑不外扬”等认识误区,主动查找自身问题、揭短亮丑。据了解,该旅改进检查调研作风以来,基层建设中的问题积弊一个个浮出水面,逐步得到整改纠治,基层建设呈现出新气象。相关的主题文章: