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Hunan police station, beating the medical staff has been suspended in the police investigation Beijing – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Feng Huamei) 15, Hunan province Changsha city police station, Lee insults, beatings and security of medical staff of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University. Yesterday, the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau responded that the police have been involved in someone’s Lee has been suspended. On the evening of 15 10 pm, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University official website issued a document that, in the afternoon, Hunan province Changsha Furong District Public Security Bureau police station, Lee Garden leek (not uniform) accompanied by a man came to the Xiangya Hospital, before that status, the hospital refused to accept the patient accused. Two hospital staff Lee repeatedly to explain, the hospital temporarily no spare beds, beds and cannot not treated patients, the consideration of other hospital, Lee is still in the hospital do not listen to discourage, noisy, and accused the hospital refused the patient, said the medical service is a transaction. Because the suspect Lee is not patient but occupation medical trouble, hospital staff Huang asked about their identity, and show the hospital work documents to see lee. Lee took out his cell phone to take photos of the hospital staff, Hwang said he refused and told Lee, his behavior violated the right to portrait of citizens. In the absence of any physical contact, Lee suddenly hand grabbed a yellow neck, waving fists Huang head and knees hit the abdomen, causing Huang neck bruises, dysphagia. A security guard in the hospital arrival discouraged when Lee on the two security beatings, caused by a security guard eye injury hematoma, another security guard crotch injury. Immediately, the hospital staff in the police station after the arrival of the auxiliary police, Lee abuse assistant police, and that his police identity. In the police station under the persuasion of the police, Lee to the hospital complaints reception center. Xiangya Hospital, the Ministry of health, the relevant person in charge said: Lee’s sister is a woman, I hope to stay in hospital obstetrics, but the hospital is full of maternity beds." Lee asked (patient) by critically ill pregnant women, hospital complaints reception staff Panmou told the disease does not comply with the relevant conditions and process, Lee at the reception staff, and threatened to "believe Lao Tzu qiangbeng you" threatening. 16 morning, Furong District Public Security Bureau of the relevant leaders to visit the Xiangya Hospital condolences to the threat of injury, medical workers and security guards, and apologized to them. According to the Propaganda Department of the Party committee of Xiangya Hospital revealed that the injured are not affected, still working. 16 PM, Changsha City Public Security Bureau responded that, according to the Changsha police Lee beat medical personnel, disrupt medical order, Changsha City Public Security Bureau leadership attaches great importance on the morning of 16 instructed the police inspector, the legal department and the Public Security Bureau, Furong Hospital of territorial public security organs Kaifu Public Security Bureau investigation team, investigation on the matter. Before the survey results came out, someone’s police Lee has been suspended.相关的主题文章: