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"Human to taste" "qiuyinong" Tong Dawei Joe Chen stills child dog – Sohu entertainment Tong Dawei Joe Chen affectionate gaze Sohu entertainment news by Yuan media, half sugar film, Jin Yi Festival, new Yue Tong Taiwan gold CO produced, directed by Chen Mingzhang, "father" screenwriter Guo Shuang, Feng Yuan Tong Dawei and Joe Chen teamed up to build, starring, Wang Yibo, Lin Peng, Yao, Xie Shuai, Zhu Gang day Lai Jing, I wish the rain Xin co starring drama "the world to taste is" Qing Huan in Budapest overseas filming news was exposed, many users have said: "good looking, romantic Budapest has a romantic story." The play also exposed a group of Strike while the iron is hot. shot in Budapest’s beautiful stills. Tong Dawei, stills, Joe Chen seems to be the fairy tale kingdom infection, romantic landscape exceptionally Tanqingshuoai, once again, the audience of the TV play the expected value of the climax. Tong Dawei Joe Chen will become the king of Budapest a single dog is very lonely today, "human to taste is Qing Huan" exposed a group of overseas film stills. Green trees and blue sky, with the old European style architecture, the United States will be condensed in the ordinary Budapest, to the drama covered with a layer of romantic color. It is worth noting that this is the "IT siege lion" Ding men (Tong Dawei ornaments) and Jinling Ann Qing Huan (Joe Chen) of the first assembly debut, stills, Ding earth broke the IT man dressed "Curse", dressed in a suit and other prominent handsome, a man shouted: "technology attracted the majority of our code finally turning agricultural"; and the Qing Huan windbreaker long hair fluttering, has always been to maintain the elegant and noble. In the background of this beautiful scenery, "a" CP Shenqingxiangyong, gazing at each other, sweet smile, aura fit one hundred, seems to love hormones are secretly surging. As an "fan Qing Huan Di Di" to taste (Wang Yibo ornaments) alone on the chain bridge, like something, look melancholy, formed a great contrast with the "love" CP happiness. Small Zhai Zong anti past activity of normal dogs in Budapest, still single "trouble", attracted netizens very distressed shouted: "you are not so handsome? For my master P in a side". It is reported that Budapest is the world, Ding Qing Huan feelings of the turning point, and low pressure to taste Zhai and love An Qing Huan in Budapest, is sparked numerous conjecture of the audience: "Ding Zhai to human mature charm, taste fresh and adorable, uncle PK, really it is hard to choose!" The stomach and warm heart to taste is "human" Qing Huan Huan and super crew in the scene, "a" CP Budapest high sugar sweet honey, full of meaning. And off screen, Tong Dawei is "Tong large canteen" chief micro-blog, read the topic of nearly 500 million, Joe Chen also has "favorite" label, two "chowhound" strong combination, coupled with the "human to taste is" Qing Huan in the background of "natural delicacy, the crew did not stop". Not only have Joe Chen for the group to send the "warm" brand of tea, Tong Dawei also personally cooking, offer the delicacy of "intangible cultural heritage" — Haicheng delicious pie, but in the Mid Autumn Festival, Tong Dawei is for the crew to send "Roasted Whole Lamb" welfare ", a" C.相关的主题文章: