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"Human nature" on Tang Guoqiang humorous response to Sina kichiku Divine Comedy entertainment news by containing culture media limited liability company leading products, by Tang Guoqiang [micro-blog] for large power producer, directed by Jiang Shimo, Wang Xun, Wang Kuirong, Malizi, Chi Zhiqiang, Wang Jianguo, Li Wulin, Heng Xuan, Sun Libin starred in the movie "human nature" held in September 23rd in Dalian boot conference, Tang Guoqiang attended the press conference with the creative response to humor kichiku divine comedy. Li Wulin "human nature" direct human nature. Most incisive Conference on the same day, Li Wulin, the film "the human" were shot in Wudang Mountains and Dalian, in September 13th has been officially started. The movie "the human" the story takes place in the modern city, there is a strange and funny characters, Jiang Shimo plays an important task to stay down with adorable little monks, a strange combination of circumstances with a high cold lonely girl (played Malizi) met, had to cope with under one roof and a series of what twists and turns them, ironic and anxious. It is understood that the "human nature" to promote the Taoist culture, with a ever-young Dan for the introduction, starting process of a little old two Taoist and criminal forces in the struggle, beauty and ugliness, good and evil launched a desperate struggle, a bright and dark human nature, mysterious and Taoist elements too profound to be understood through seventy years of pains and sorrows are the most incisive in the movie. At the same time, the "human nature" two words for the theme of the film, attack the evil, promote the good and the beautiful, not only deeply selfish and bad side of human nature, displays a good nature of human right, the final victory of good over evil, the sublimation of the theme of the story. Tang Guoqiang Shoutu refused? The response to humor ghost livestock video as a film producer, Tang Guoqiang said at the press conference: "human nature" as its name. At the same time, art teacher Tang Guoqiang, in the face of not only teacher Jiang Mo, modest bluntly: "performance is the Ministry of works, a role to hone out. Although they always call me Tang teacher, but in many other ways, he is also my teacher, such as teacher Mo in health than I know so much, so many years I have not been disciples, and they are learning from each other mentor." Recently, a song called "the Divine Comedy" nuclear 5000 kichiku hot network, making friends in MV spoof the role of Tang Guoqiang, when asked how to look at the friends spoof, Tang Guoqiang’s answer showed more tolerance, this is all because of the "Three Kingdoms" deep into the heart, does not match with the time over two forget, hope is such a film "human nature", "human nature" has made the film powerful creative team, fantasy burning brain story, carefully excellent, these elements provide an important guarantee for the film appreciation and art, let the movie has not been released, it attracted many eyes. (commissioning editor: hidden)相关的主题文章: