Hubei officials and a number of women who have a sexual relationship is to enjoy life aapt.exe

Hubei officials and a number of women have improper sexual relations: life is for pleasure, as a leading cadres in the municipal authorities for many years, what is the pursuit of what?" "You train young cadres from a municipal key, to illegal astray, who influenced you most?" …… In the face of discipline officers asked Wu Qibai speechless. And at this moment, his iron man Zhang Yongzheng was detained in the detention center, confessed to stealing the car battery. A township party secretary is successful, one is without the unemployed social idlers, the latter for the former act evilly in collusion with, brainwashing, distorted the former values, the former and the latter to use his power for their own profit, both eventually reached the point of no return. In July 2016, Hubei Province, Qianjiang City Commission announced, Wu Qibai served during the high stone town party secretary, due to serious violation of discipline, was expelled from the party, transferred to judicial organs according to law. "The official is to get rich" — the distorted values in 1997, Wu Qibai was admitted to the Qianjiang Municipal Office for work, he 26 years old, this is a rare opportunity. Through hard work and hard work, he grew up to be the backbone of the theory and Policy Research of the municipal office. 2007, was named the ten outstanding youth in Qianjiang, and was promoted to Deputy Secretary general. In September 2011, was sent to the high stone town served as party secretary. On tissue culture, Wu Qibai heart is full of gratitude, he vowed: smug, must live up to the trust of the organization and reuse, good service party people. Wu Qibai took to the leadership post, junior high school students often invite him to eat and drink with the boss, the beginning of Wu Qibai is rejected by Zhang Yong. "You see, now the leadership, which side do not have a few bosses to make friends? For what officials, is not to be rich? Do not know a few bosses, how do you get rich?" When Wu Qibai refused, Zhang Yong What one says is plausible. Just transferred to the high stone town, Zhang Yong, about a few boss Wu Qibai hosted a banquet for celebration. A lot of high stone project, you are now one of the leaders, we should take care of a lot of money together." During the meeting, the boss who take the initiative to please Wu Qibai. See bosses drove luxury cars and star hotels and high-end clubs, extravagant life, look at yourself, hard for so many years, is still very poor, Wu Qibai’s thought began to shake, that should be considered for yourself "". His inner desire began to ready to, wanted to find a chance to "fortune". In 2012, Wu Qibai took a fancy to a value of 500 thousand yuan villa, but suffer from the hands of money. After Zhang Yong know, initiative from the boss Lin hand to 500 thousand yuan to him. Wu Qibai feel wrong, Zhang Yongquan said: "it does not matter, you are now one of the leaders, when the time to give him a few projects can do. I do you rest assured!" Wu Qibai took the money. 2013, in the introduction of Zhang Yong, Wu Qibai violation of discipline, to participate in the community to raise interest rates, raising 1 million yuan of funds out of lending, a total of相关的主题文章: