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Huang Qifan: Chongqing market also can not engage in P2P Huang Qifan in municipal exchange pointed out that research to leverage risk factor to promote the healthy development of the market the newspaper news (reporter Shang Yu) February 23rd, mayor Huang Qifan municipal exchange survey pointed out that, according to the requirements of supply side structural reforms, efforts to leverage, risk prevention, and promote stable and healthy development of the market. In Chongqing United Assets and equity exchange, the Chongqing rural land exchange, Chongqing drug exchange, listen to Chongqing agricultural and livestock products exchange, share transfer center in Chongqing, Chongqing shipping exchange, cultural property rights trading center in Chongqing, Chongqing, Chongqing the Bund motorcycle electronic exchange trading center of renewable resources, Chongqing native products trading center and city finance office to report the situation, Huang Qifan said, in recent years, the steady growth of Chongqing market scale and organization system of continuous improvement, product variety, market participants are increasing steadily promote the market-oriented reform has achieved initial success, and vigorously strengthen supervision and risk prevention and control, promote the orderly development of market factors. Huang Qifan said, "Thirteen five" period, we should give full play to market allocation of resources, price discovery and radiation function, to better help the economic development, the key is to follow the supply side structural reform, focus on deleveraging and risk prevention. In the financial field, credit, leverage, risk three interdependent, credit can produce leverage, but too high leverage will produce risks, affecting credit. Chongqing factor market should attach great importance to leverage in each link, in the operation process does not engage in high leverage futures, do not engage in high interest storage, do not mess up financing, do not put customer funds on the site of the company, do not engage in credit risk overlay. To effectively control the source of exchange investment funds, not only to review whether the access qualification is legal, but also to strictly supervise the whole process. At the same time, as an important part of the city’s financial system, Chongqing factor market can not engage in P2P, all of its financial innovation products should determine a reasonable leverage ratio, firmly grasp the purpose of serving the real economy. In short, efforts should be made to promote the healthy and orderly operation of various financial sectors, including the factor market, so as to ensure the sustained and healthy development of the economy and society of the whole city. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

黄奇帆:重庆要素市场同样不能从事P2P   黄奇帆在市属交易所调研时指出   去杠杆防风险促进要素市场稳健发展   本报讯 (记者 商宇)2月23日,市长黄奇帆在市属交易所调研时指出,要按照供给侧结构性改革要求,着力去杠杆、防风险,促进全市要素市场平稳健康发展。   在考察重庆联合产权交易所、重庆农村土地交易所、重庆药品交易所,听取重庆农畜产品交易所、重庆股份转让中心、重庆航运交易所、重庆文化产权交易中心、重庆外滩摩配电子交易所、重庆再生资源交易中心、重庆土特产品交易中心以及市金融办有关情况汇报后,黄奇帆说,近年来,重庆要素市场行业规模平稳增长,机构体系不断完善,产品种类更加丰富,市场参与主体稳步增加,推动市场化改革重组初见成效,同时大力强化监管和风险防控,推动要素市场规范有序发展。   黄奇帆说,“十三五”时期,要充分发挥要素市场资源配置、价格发现和集聚辐射等功能,更好助力重庆经济发展,关键是要按照供给侧结构性改革的要求,着力去杠杆、防风险。在金融领域,信用、杠杆、风险三者相互依存,有信用才能产生杠杆,但杠杆过高会产生风险,影响信用。重庆要素市场要高度重视在各个环节去杠杆,在运行过程中不搞高杠杆期货,不搞高息揽储,不搞乱集资,不把客户资金放在网站公司,不搞信用风险的叠加。要切实管控好交易所投资资金的来源,不但要审查其准入资格是否合规合法,还要对整个流程进行严格监管。同时,作为全市金融系统的重要组成部分,重庆要素市场同样不能从事P2P,其所有金融创新产品都要确定合理的杠杆比,牢牢把握为实体经济服务的宗旨。总之,要努力推动包括要素市场在内的各类金融业健康有序运行,保障全市经济社会持续健康发展。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: