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Hu Xiaoting joined the "road" to mother Yue Lina – Hu Xiaoting love legend – Sohu "entertainment" section Jinhua Niang road Sohu entertainment news written and directed by Guo Jingyu, Yue Lina, starring Yu Yi, Zhang Shaohua, Shi Ke, Yang Kun, Wu Liansheng, Hu Xiaoting, Liu Zhi, sunspot, Yang Xiao Yin, Maher, Peng et al. Portrait of joining the letter the legendary drama "mother" mother, is currently in Beijing, Shanxi two hot shot. The play tells the young mother and her five children’s story, the strength of the actors to play Hu Xiaoting Ying Niang sister-in-law section Jinhua corner, Yue Lina together to compose the legend of love. In the TV series "mother" in Hu Xiaoting’s period of Jinhua, Liu embolus (Wu Liansheng decoration) wife, Ying Niang (Yue Lina) sister-in-law. From makeup has been exposed from the point of view, Hu Xiaoting’s golden period of wearing deep purple gaudy coat, eyes full of meaning, there is sadness and sorrow, there is resentment, all the emotions with which make people can not help guess exactly what kind of story in the play. It is understood that in the play when the mother went to Liu Ying cornered brother embolus, as the period of Jinhua did not welcome the sister-in-law would have to leave Ying niang. In the year to sell their Ying Niang willing to move out of the old money also want to leave, it is her words: better go now, the regret in the future! What section of Jinhua why say this, can only wait until the broadcast to be announced suspense story. From the "woman for a lifetime" in Xia Manyin, "bossy" temperament of the soul ferry in the dorm and the chin genv Wan Qin, to "brave heart" in the gentle and brave "," Li Gui Ying damselfly simple yam Niang, actor Hu Xiaoting on the screen successfully build the female image of every hue the. With a solid foundation for the performance of the role and the unique understanding of the role of each show Hu Xiaoting can accurately grasp the feelings of the characters, to the audience. For the "Mother Road" in the section of golden flower, Hu Xiaoting will be how to interpret, really look forward to.   相关的主题文章: