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UnCategorized You’ve probably heard an enormous amount of hype surrounding Google’s adsense program. You’ve probably even got the ads on some of your sites, you may even be making some money from them. A lot of people are making money from adsense, but very few are making any decent money. And I mean decent. Some are earning six figure incomes from adsense alone, no wonder there’s a huge amount of hype. Like anything worthwhile though, it takes time to learn techniques that will make your efforts effective. Building a profitable empire of adsense sites the right way takes time. In the current Google dominated climate it’s almost essential to have original (or as near as original as you can get) content throughout your sites. Take the time to make your adsense site(s) informative to the reader. The search engines are (quite rightly) frowning upon sites that have been made solely for the purpose of collecting adsense revenue. Here’s a brief rundown of how I go about creating a wildly successful adsense site:- 1)Find that niche. Yeah, yeah, everybody gabbles on about finding that special niche. Finding that market with little competition. I’ll let you into a secret… no market has zero competition but every niche has various untapped sub-niches! 2)Pick those keywords. There are various tools you can use to do this (Wordtracker or the SEO Book keyword tool) but naturally pick those with little competition. 3)Piece together a search engine friendly site. Make it easy for Google and their rivals to spider your pages. Articles should be no more than two clicks away from the homepage. 4)Write original content. Enough said 5)Get someone else to write original content for you, hire someone from or Elance or write some more yourself, it’s great practice. 6)Place the ads so that the text wraps around them. If they look like they’re part of the text they become infinitely more clickable! Add images to the side of the ads too, but be careful not to have images that would "suggest" to the visitor he should click on the ads. Google will fall out with you! 7)Get traffic. A subject all of itself. I favour article marketing. Write articles on the subject of your site and use anchor text to link back to the site. …and repeat. Seriously, that’s really all there is to it. Of course there is some fine tuning to the above system, a few tips and tricks that can improve click-through and traffic. But really, that’s the crux of the matter. So what’s stopping you? Go out and start building your empire of adsense sites right now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: