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UnCategorized There is nothing worse that experiencing a badly missed shot in the midst of .petition. That is unless you miss a shot in front of an important client or business contact. Ouch! Some people insist that the pressure on Tiger Woods or Lorena Ochoa is greater than it is for the executive out on the links with three important clients. I beg to differ. Everyone has a pressure problem in Golf. The distraction of other people whether it is a gallery or a foursome is a challenge we have to over.e if we are going to rise to our own potential. The pressure problem is a mental issue and strengthening your INNER GOLF GAME is the only solution! Luckily there are a few easy things you can do to help yourself immediately! Here is how to dismantle your panic response in three super easy steps: 1. Close Your Eyes: Science is showing us that we can shift the frequency of our brain waves simply by closing our eyes. When you close your eyes, removing all of the visual stimuli from your experience is naturally calming. When you think of it, how often do you close your eyes consciously besides sleep? You will be surprised at how this simple step will change the downward spiral of your thoughts and emotions. 2. Breathe Deeply: Ok, we have your eyes closed, so what next? Breathing deeply brings much needed oxygen to your brain, the control center of your thoughts. Many of my clients have breathing problems. When fear and panic set in, they are in real trouble because their shallow breath gets even shallower! This will just feed the panic! This solution is easy. Take a breath. Hold for a count of four. Exhale and hold for a count of four before you inhale. Repeat three of four times. This is a snap to do while you are waiting for another player to take their turn. Do it. Do it today! 3. Choose a Different Perspective and Squeeze: We are thinking streams of thoughts throughout our golf game. When fear and panic are present, the thoughts are pretty ugly. Each of us has our own personal brand but some might include: "How could I be so stupid!","I hate sand traps.","I can’t afford to miss the cut.", "I hate customer golf." I once asked my young son, now a golf professional, "Would you talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself on the golf course?" Of course he gave me a resounding NO. I would ask you the same question. I have two magic words that will transform your golf course thinking: Even though… Try these on for size, feel how the energy of the thoughts is changed by these two simple words: "Even though I missed that shot, it doesn’t have to spoil the day." "Even though I feel like a loser, that feeling is only temporary." "Even though I am so embarrassed, I know that I will feel better in a few minutes." "Even though a part of me is FURIOUS at myself, there is another part of me that knows I’ll be ok, no matter what." As you are creating your new thoughts, hold a golf ball in your hand and squeeze until your forearm begs for mercy. As you squeeze and reprogram your thoughts, the physical effort will also bring a wave of relaxation every time. Your Instant Panic Relief Game Plan: Next time you are shocked by a sudden loss of confidence on the golf course, practice these three steps. Make a .mitment to use them in your next round. Stay focused. Close your eyes, breathe and use "Even though" to redirect your thoughts. Squeeze the living tar out of that golf ball! The relief you feel will change your performance and rescue the day. Now it is up to you! Choose to develop the discipline to do this consistently! The results will astound you! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: