Hongkong beautiful young college students open shock – Sohu travel-sunny came home

Hongkong Beauty College Youth open multi – tourism Sohu shocked look, action — tongue sign 95 smile, "silly very naive"? Xuandong dance, the world’s best music, but walk 800 meters from the hotel, Shangri-La, came to the youthful Hong Kong Polytech University. Here the hip-hop Tour Grand Opening tour, brought together from 9 universities of University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytech University and other dance master, Qunying, unlimited wonderful. MM sexy hot dance, eye-catching. So exciting face, gentle years, amazing time. Body painting, who do other, cute, creative. Look, the Queen’s fans showed enough dedication. The lovely sister on campus, invincible youth, charm can not be blocked. Such a wonderful performance can easily miss? Press the shutter, capture moments. In order to support young beauty, also most willing to work hard. Smiling face, pure without blemish, pure natural happiness. They are young, behavior, exudes youth and vitality. MM occasionally funny, really a bit shocked by the feeling. Are these three little brothers…… Look at the future? The tour ended, the scene hilarious atmosphere did not disperse, as they have nowhere to place the youth, write a gorgeous movement…… Hongkong college students enjoying the Youth Dance Tour, I also sincerely recommend this trip in Tsim Sha Tsui, choose to stay in Kowloon Shangri-La. This excellent location, from the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station walk 1 minutes, the most important is the nostalgia hotel full of deep, super authentic Hong Kong films feel. Each Shangri-La is chowhound paradise, stalls million Japanese restaurant and enjoy a delicious tongue. A cup of Hokkaido liquor, a fresh slice of sashimi, let you enjoy Japanese food plain soft state. Foie gras Steamed Egg Custard, light is already sell tooth worm hook up, light fragrance of surplus cavity?. A kaiseki, is the appetite overload test, or that the chowhound life is like a train, is summed up, to eat, to eat, to eat to eat to eat – and eat to eat to eat around. PS: recommended Hongkong airlines fly to Hongkong to fly to Hongkong this time, I chose the Hongkong air ticket price parity, online to airlines, he found the cheapest tickets, decisive choice, this year the price is Wang Daoma. The most important is the experience I feel down, their home airline stewardess is young and beautiful, red uniforms are very good, this is very important, looking at the seductive natural mood is happy. The other is the check-in at the airport in Hongkong, they also found with Laoruobingcan, carrying the baby shop, because I was with the baby, so you can save time, have to praise, I wonder how the domestic airlines cannot learn. Later I read a magazine on the plane, just know Hongkong airlines in 2011 has won the industry respected Skytrax four star rating, the ticket is very cheap, cost-effective l four-star rating.相关的主题文章: