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Halloween is approaching these most terrible game you dare to play? Halloween is approaching, do not see a ghost, play a horror game how fun? How many games did you play on PC? Early silent hill, the old name, "biochemical crisis", as well as the breakout of the new Jin "escape", "layers of fear", can play the next is already amazing courage. Look at those years have been scared of the game. 1, "biochemical crisis" series can be extended for more than ten years and not to fall into the series of horror games only "biochemical crisis". The series of the early works of rendering a strong atmosphere of terror, closed the scene difficult to kill zombies to the game player great pressure, adding 3 generation tracker is able to kill the game player across the room to bring more pressure. Although the "biochemical crisis" of the 5 and 6 generation two into a shooting game criticized by many fans of the series, but finally in the "biochemical crisis 7" return terrorist origin, to feel a strong fear let the game player. "Biochemical crisis" series of "biochemical crisis" series of "biochemical crisis" series 2 "," the evil spirit possessed by the "biochemical crisis" series producer Mikami Shinji to create a "demonic possession" inherited "Resident Evil 4" spirit, tense yet straightforward battle, bloody and mysterious scene structures, oppression the full sense of the battle of Boss and full image game characters make this in recent years has become the best action adventure game and horror game combination works. "The evil spirit possessed" "the evil spirit possessed" demonic possession "," 3 "through the forest" (Through the Woods) a lot of game player may not have heard of this new terrorist, a number of media but "across the forest", IGN was selected as one of the most anticipated this year’s horror game, its remarkable quality. In the game, the protagonist alone through the dark forest, only the hands of the flashlight to illuminate the front of the dark light Co., and all the darkness is completely unknown. The Norway independent studio to create independent game, game player tries to let fear alone through the forest when back to childhood, there is no clear enemy in the game, game player to bring fear that this piece is full of mysterious forest. "Through the" forest "through the forest"   "through the forest"; 4, "dawn" in murder once in a horror game, game player only need to face behavior patterns of simple AI and developers of preset scripts, and creating new ideas of "horror game dawn" murder, playing against the enemy into another a person also has a flexible mind. This design allows the survivors face more severe challenges, a real killer apparently simpler than a behavioral model of AI is more difficult to deal with, will also bring more intense game player a sense of oppression. "Through the" forest "through the forest" "through the forest" 5, "escape" series of horror game why terror, often because of game player in the game to feel a deep sense of powerlessness, too powerful to defeat the enemy, game player can only face were brutally slaughtered.相关的主题文章: