Hainan informed the 8 unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses case-tonya mitchell

Hainan informed the 8 unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses case Beijing, in order to further develop the typical case warning deterrent, promote strictly extends to the grassroots, make people feel more practical results, anti-corruption day before, Hainan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial regulation Yong lazy luxury greedy special leading group on the recent investigation of 8 cases against the interests of the masses and corruption unwholesome tendencies of typical case report. The 8 typical cases are: 1 people’s Congress of Wenchang Economic Committee of former director Fu Yongnian et al defrauding Beanstalk compensation problem. From March 2010 to November 2015, with headquarters in Yongnian during the work of land working group for a project, together with the working group members Guo Xiaolong et al., by making false crop compensation table for Beanstalk compensation, two people from the share of 110 thousand yuan and 180 thousand yuan. In June 2016, Yongnian, Guo Xiaolong was expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment, their alleged crimes transferred to judicial organs. 2 Sanya City, the end of the village of Tower Ridge Village Group illegal transfer of state-owned forest land. In April 2014, the village Party branch Tower Ridge former Secretary Fu Xiaoming, former deputy secretary of the village committee, village committee director Hu Hai, former member and reimbursement Li Chunjian et al., in violation of state laws and regulations, will be located in the Tower Ridge Village village 109.6 acres of state-owned forest (Natural Forest), to land illegally transferred to Sanya the investment company limited. Fu Xiaoming and Li Chunjian gave the villagers 5 million 480 thousand yuan compensation for young crops in 200 thousand yuan and 1 million yuan respectively to obtain payment from the company. July 2016, Fu Xiao Ming, Hu Hai and Li Chunjian had been expelled from the party, and its alleged crimes and clues to judicial organs according to law. Eight town 3 city of the East Branch of the original Fujiucun Secretary Sadafumi defraud state land compensation problem. In 2013, Fujiucun former Secretary of Party branch Ceng Dingwen in order to defraud the government land compensation, the expropriation of land by the government with convenience, let the staff will belong to the village collective 1.5 acres of forest land registration confirmation to the villagers Tang Moumou (the ground for planting lobular Eucalyptus Tang Moumou). In September 2013, Tang Moumou received compensation 121 thousand and 860 yuan after the land was transferred to woodland sadafumi. In July 2016, Sadafumi had been expelled from the party. Disciplinary funds have been confiscated treasury. 4 Changjiang County Shilu Zhen Jian Ling Xin Cun group leader Chen Chengchun et al. Appropriation of land compensation problem. In 2005, Chen Chengchun and then Jian Ling Village branch secretary, village committee director Chen Li, the village committee members Chen Changliang, deputy head of sharp instrument, Ling Xin Cun group Chen Pazhong, Chen Shizhong, taking advantage of his position in the land acquisition work, take the impersonator, Jian Ling Moumou village occupied three villagers resettlement compensation Qingmiaohui fee and payment of 53 thousand and 531 yuan. Among them, Chen Chengchun received 20 thousand and 300 yuan, Chen Li Jing, Chen Changliang, and other parts of the shares of the president of the Republic of China, the Ministry of finance, and other expenses, such as eating, entertainment and other expenses of $6600 per share of $for the purchase of $. August 2016, Chen Chengchun by the party to observe a year of punishment, Chen Li Jing, Chen Changliang, and 4 people under the severe warning of the party, the people of the party, and the president of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China in. Disciplinary withdrawal has been withdrawn相关的主题文章: