Grade five students with obvious reasons for the deterioration of the sister with the 1 year old

Results the fifth grade students obviously retrogression cause unexpectedly and 1 year old sister about in recent days, Hangzhou Normal University affiliated primary school teachers are busy doing one thing, refine the successful family education visits found in the typical case, made, in order to give the family education in the future to make a good foundation to guide the job. In this past summer, Hangzhou elementary school teachers home more than 1 thousand children, want to learn more about some of the student’s family life, to promote home school communication. In the home, many high grade teacher found a no attention to the phenomenon: the family has two children of the family up, if two children between the ages of a larger gap, will lead to child behavior and academic achievement was unsatisfactory. The cause of this phenomenon is actually very simple, many parents feel limited energy, take care of the small, the attention of the child will be reduced. Five or six grades of children are in adolescence, the attention of parents is more sensitive to the shift, resulting in a relatively large fluctuations in mood, affect their behavior and academic performance. Mao Changyun is Hangzhou the fifth grade elementary school teacher, this summer she visits the 34 families, including two families and 20. "There are a lot of child family of two children, this is the two or three year of birth, and the child’s age gap is big." Mr. Mao said, in a family visit, she gradually discovered a phenomenon: "some children learning achievement significantly behind, reason may be that the family has a much smaller than his brother or sister." For example, there is a boy in her class, the original performance can also be, people are docile, usually with the classmates and laughing and talking. But from the beginning of last semester, the little boy seems to have changed a person like, not only academic performance is obvious, but also from time to time with the conflict. Mao told reporters, there are times in the classroom, at the same table reminded the boy, he actually shouted, "what do you charge me," the desks are overturned. There is an English exam, the teacher checked the papers hair down, he did not test well, even the original answer to obliterate, correct, and then took the papers to find teachers again. After being found by the teacher, he was in a state of collapse, crying and refusing to go home. The home visits, Mr. Mao finally found out the reason, the boy’s mother gave birth to a girl who is 1 years old. The mother admitted that since the two child, she put more time and energy on the two children who, on children’s attention fell, "a person with two children Gubuguolai, originally a pipe will now focus on his work, not so much." According to Hangzhou elementary school visits showed that now the proportion of households accounted for the second class, the number of 20%~30%, or even higher. Mao Changyun said that the family has two children led to the results of a large child setback, usually the family was originally staring at a more secure students. Before the home of all the attention is focused on the big child, with two children, all of these concerns shifted, the child’s self perception will feel ‘parents do not love me’." The impact of the age gap between the two children on the big child is an objective existence, but it is not absolute, the key lies in how parents do. Mao suggested: "parents to guide, to.相关的主题文章: