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God Tucao: to pay tuition to prostitution in developed countries so badly? Sohu news recently famous members of corruption in public was stunned, said: "the school can advise students to prostitution, as it is also a choice of employment." Bridge bean bag! Although prostitution is not illegal in England and Welsh, but not as a cause to encourage students to pursue it, the capitalist society is too terrible.   under the pressure of public opinion, the congressman resigned. In fact, the members do not need to appeal, in the reality of British students began targeting the service industry, according to a survey conducted by the University of Leeds, UK services have higher educational background, 1/3 sex workers have a university diploma, and a growing number of sex workers required equal treatment.   Swansea University after 3 years after the survey found that: 6773 college students surveyed, 5% of the students admitted to engage in sex work; if not now engaged in the students, there are 20% that will be considered in related work. Probably the following ratio:   it is said that now the British college students get admission notice, the first time is not to report, but to the club registered listing"! City routines deep, let me go back to the countryside……   a senior club boss Liz said, now is the University School season, last week, she has received more than and 20 pieces of mail and telephone: "most of them are more than and 20 years old, parents do not rely on students, and some have dropped out of school, male and female. There are some students, people are not to Liz, just tell me to help them register."   in 2012, the British media survey found that 10% of British medical students through the "prostitution" to pay tuition and fees. Do you think the medical students are more open thinking, not so conservative? Everyone is not the body, dead bodies are……   service industry includes direct transactions, including nude pictures, AV indirect work, students can receive the most related work four: sexy models, burlesque, naked Butler (like not something) and striptease. Many students are very satisfied with their work, and even get family support…… "It’s an open country ~)   how high are the students in Britain?" In 2006 and 2012 after the reform, the British university tuition cap for over three times, from 3000 pounds per year increased to 9000 pounds, up 3 times, plus rent and living expenses, the economic conditions are not well-off families, this is not a small sum of money.   British students protest rent increases:   it is strange, is not the British University Grants and scholarships, why do you want to run to sell the body? Although the United Kingdom has a scholarship system (including the cost of living allowance), but the standards vary greatly between different schools, from 310 pounds to $3150 per year相关的主题文章: