Getting The Ios(iphoneipad) App

Mobil-Computing Hello app developers, entrepreneurs and businesses: Its blogging time again. I wanted to write this blog for a long time and I think that time has come. Everyone who wants to publish and sell iOS apps understand the nuances of getting the app approved by Apple. Sometimes, it might be frustrating to see Apple rejecting your iPhone / iPad app citing app store guideline 10.6. I would say it is important to understand atleast few app store review guidelines and the overarching goal of app store. Apple wants to provide best user experience to its iPhone / iPad users by providing software / apps through app store. I fully agree with Apple on providing the best software to its customers because thats what everyone wants. I know this is a broad statement to interpret and this is how I break it down: 1.User Interface Apple wants the UI of the app to look good. It means decent looking UI is important to get the app approved. 2.Native functions Some apps get rejected because they are too informational and do not use any of the devices native functions such as camera, calendar, maps and so on. If you want to put up an informational app for your business. Think about it, it is better to go with a mobile optimized website instead of a native app 3.Narrow target audience If your app is intended to server only a limited set of target audience it might be rejected. Examples are: app for wedding invitation, app for a local golf community, app for a family etc. All of the above points would sound simple. However, lot of apps still gets rejected for the above reasons. At Orange949, our iPhone and iPad app developers in Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami fully understand what it takes to get your app approved. We help our clients understand the best way to go about the app store review process. If you want to develop an iPhone/iPad application , please send us an email. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: