Gansu Kai wedding day the new sand sand machine to desert from field (Figure) – Beijing

Gansu Kai "wedding day" the new sand sand machine to "desert from field" (Figure) – a new network for the new sand fixing machine height overlooking the edge of Tengger Desert of the spectacular scenes of sand sand. Yang Yanmin photo Beijing, November 14 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Feng Zhijun Wei Jianjun) in the weakening of the winter wind, it is the best season in Northwest China China annual sand sand "". In Gansu Wuwei City, the edge of Tengger Desert, a global leader in the new sand fixing machine to become local sand sand weapon this year, a single machine daily to 50 acres of land in the desert to promote efficiency, which makes it possible to "capture the desert from the field". China is one of the most serious desertification countries in the world. According to the fifth national desertification and land desertification monitoring results show that as of 2014, China’s desertified land area accounted for 27.20% of the land area. Gansu is one of the provinces with large desertification area, wide distribution and the most serious damage in China, with an average annual economic loss of about 510 million yuan. The annual autumn winter season, on for nearly one thousand kilometers of Gansu Hexi Corridor along the size of oasis city, sand is a few years after generation of "career", and in recent years all government officials must complete the annual assessment indicators of quantitative timing. So, at this time of year, "the mighty people dare to confront the greatest danger" to the depths of the desert into the Hexi Corridor has become a beautiful scenery. "Compared to the past traditional artificial grass laying method of sand barrier, the sand machine has completely independent intellectual property rights is undoubtedly more efficient, desertification of land to oasis is not impossible." Gansu construction investment control equipment engineering and Biological Research Institute president Lining said, this machine adopts the principle of sand control engineering and biological advantage is the complete liberation of the labor, labor saving. "International sand China Chinese sand in Gansu to see." Lining explained that the research on international at present there is no special fixing machine used in recent years in R & D are design drawings in the laboratory, this year the local investment "the sand mechanical equipment is real" is the first micro, it can "freeze" 50 acres of desert in 1 hours, and three artificial homework every day can only be fixed 1 acres of desert. Although the efficiency of this equipment is obvious, but the defect is also urgent to solve. Lining admitted that at present the device can only be in the 10° about the slope of the desert, the slope is still too large defects in the study, but is expected to be less than half a year to be able to successfully developed and put into combat". "The desert is one of the many forms of the earth, which can not be destroyed like forests and rivers." Lining said he believed that the desert can become oasis, the so-called desertification of land as early as the first green. Because of human activities, in addition to climatic changes, just let the previous farmland into the desertified land, "we can’t change the desert source, but can change the occupation of farmland by the desert". Lining believes that China’s annual special emphasis on desertification governance, but also a lot of investment funds, but due to the progress of a variety of Factors Comparison相关的主题文章: