From Gulangyu Islet to meet tzengtsu — visit Chinese – most literary fishing village tourism

From Gulangyu Islet to meet tzengtsu — visit China most literary fishing village tourism with the eleven Sohu, how are you going to have? If the trip has not been determined, consider a low-key literary fishing village – tzengtsu. The Xiamen city is the name card, many tourists to Xiamen will go to Gulangyu Islet, when the surging crowd rushed to Gulangyu Islet, if you think too much of Gulangyu Islet, the tzengtsu is a good choice, tzengtsu is a small fishing village at the side of the road, compared with the "sea garden" Gulangyu Islet, although far less well known, but kept a copy of the original good. Can step on the sand waves, the wind drift in the sea, there is no Gulangyu Islet, no noisy downtown, no tourists, there is only the fresh and store blocks. Here, everywhere can see traces of ancient villages in southern fujian. Coffee houses, temples and churches. Here’s the bar, tavern, teahouse all became a group playing, love travel, love photography, love people make friends gathered, and even many foreign tourists will come to the "urban village" to seek a different feeling. At the same time, fried, steamed, braised, various flavors of delicacy, let tzengtsu become Xiamen delicacy together, whether it is day or night, every delicacy shop owner in the shout, with a mixture of different accent words to attract the guests. Now the tzengtsu whether it is day or night there are crowds, many people come here to taste make light of travelling a thousand li attractive delicacy, also have special line for fresh art of it, where you can meet your taste buds and a literary heart. In the eleven selected tzengtsu, in addition to enjoy the beauty of fresh seafood, more free welfare benefits "in September 30th," crooked! World Tour fun world peace WiFi travel season will be landing in Xiamen tzengtsu, participate in H5 activities can apply for electronic "squiggly card" to have CuO an designated merchants consumption, landing Ping WiFi APP using the "squiggly card" can enjoy different levels of consumer preferences. The gap between the city and the modern, literature is wanton growth. The eleven, from Gulangyu Islet, meet tzengtsu, to taste the taste of art.相关的主题文章: