Foreign search and rescue volunteers Lijiang water emergency operation exercises –

Foreign search and rescue volunteers Lijiang water emergency operation exercises – Beijing September 20th, Lijiang River water rescue drowning people exercise. Yang Maoliang photo Beijing, Guilin 20, September (Yang Maoliang Zhang Longbin) in September 20th 2016, the Lijiang River water emergency operation unscripted exercise held in the Guilin city of bamboo river port waters. Exercises closely linked to the actual water traffic safety in Lijiang River, divided into two parts of water rescue, underwater search and rescue. Guilin maritime bureau Lijiang cruise company, the Guilin water search and rescue international volunteer service team a common test the emergency response capability of ships and rafts on the Lijiang River Tourism emergencies on the water. The exercise simulated from Mopanshan dock waters approaching "Lijiang rafts 8102", because they do not obey the traffic rules on the water, a collision with Shanghai Airlines Travel ship "Ellassay elegant", resulting in three passengers fell into the raft. Water search and rescue crew, volunteers near the raft and rushed to the Guilin maritime law enforcement personnel, within five minutes, together rescued three drowning personnel, to protect the safety of life and property and water. Subsequently, the Guilin water search and rescue volunteers — "divers" Huang Guiming for the presence of personnel demonstrated underwater search and rescue skills, and on-site training for the presence of foreign volunteers. The practical exercise is no script to continue and deepen emergency drills of the Lijiang River in June. With the continuous concern of the public on water traffic safety, Chinese and foreign volunteers gradually participate in the search and rescue work in Guilin water. This time, from Guilin University of Technology, 5 foreign volunteers in the exercise made a cameo appearance in the "water" and "rescue personnel" and "water traffic safety advocates" and other roles, played an important role in exercise.相关的主题文章: