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Foreign Ministry: G20 attention to the issue of development will make Hangzhou summit release more powerful signal to Beijing in August 26, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Zhao Nan) 26, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at a regular press conference, I believe this year G20 attention to the issue of development will make Hangzhou summit release more powerful signal, to promote the implementation of the development of the international consensus, inject new impetus to world economic growth. A reporter asked: G20 Hangzhou summit will be held in less than 10 days. I note that recent international media comments that China should use the opportunity to host the G20 summit in Hangzhou, focusing on sustainable development goals, better coordination of relevant concepts and actions to lead sustainable development. What specific measures will China have in this regard? Lu Kang said that in China, the first time this year, G20 will be placed in a prominent position in the development of global macroeconomic policy framework, the first time around the implementation of the sustainable development agenda in 2030 to develop a systematic action plan. Inclusive and linkage development issues will face the problem of sustainable development, promote the coordinated development of the economy, the industry linkage win-win situation, prosperity and sharing of all walks of life, will become a major highlight of the summit. Lu Kang said, specifically, we will promote the development of sustainable development agenda in 2030 to implement the plan of action, collective action and action in the country, and actively promote the implementation of their work at the same time, to provide support for other developing countries to implement practical action to contribute to the work of the United Nations main channel. We will work together to support the industrialization of Africa and the least developed countries to help these countries to accelerate industrialization and achieve poverty reduction and sustainable development goals. We will also discuss the widespread problems of agriculture, employment and inclusive business, focusing on women, youth and peasant, promote agricultural innovation and sustainable development, explore the macro policy adjustment and the expansion of employment relations, encourage the creation of employment through entrepreneurship.相关的主题文章: